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All the cool kids have apps these days, and Google Analytics doesn’t want to be the last to the party. Yesterday at the eMetrics Summit (and on the Google Analytics blog), Google announced several additions to its Analytics offerings, including better integration with AdWords and a Google Analytics App Gallery.

The App Gallery premieres with almost 40 apps, targeting everything from phone call tracking, to widgets, to enhanced reporting tools. Google’s examples include “tools like Excellent Analytics, which lets you work with your Analytics data in an Excel spreadsheet, and the Analyticator for WordPress, which automatically implements Google Analytics across your entire WordPress site.”

Expanding Google Analytics and its features, of course, can be a great way to enhance the offerings, and maybe make it more competitive with paid packages.

Meanwhile, Google AdWords is also integrating more into Google Analytics. Now, for example, developers can pull AdWords data through the Analytics API. Also, says Google:

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be making a new set of AdWords reports available in Google Analytics. These reports expand significantly on the AdWords reports you currently see in your account. For example, you can break out your AdWords traffic by actual search query, match type, distribution network, and many other AdWords attributes. We’ve added reports for day parting, placements, and destination URLs.

And since the people at Google are apparently visual learners, they made a video to explain this.

On a related note, AdWords Search Funnels are now available in all AdWords accounts.

What do you think? Which apps are you most excited about? Will this be enough to bring Google Analytics on par with bigger paid packages?