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This week is a big one for Google . Their 3rd I/0 conference for developers takes place on Wednesday and Thursday so there should be some interesting news coming out of San Francisco (there usually is anyway but this time we’re talking about tech stuff only).

Early reports are getting ahead of the conference about an alliance between Intel and Google to (as well as Sony) to move the Internet and TV closer together. The Financial Times reports

Google and Intel are expected to announce a significant breakthrough into consumer electronics and the broadcast industry this week with the launch of a “Smart TV” platform.

Top executives from the Silicon Valley companies are reported to be ready to reveal a deal with Sony, bringing web services to its televisions, during Google’s annual developer conference in San Francisco.

Intel’s Atom microprocessor and Google’s Android operating system are spearheading their assault on set-top boxes and TVs featuring integrated internet services.

Just what this means leaves plenty of room for speculation but one thing for certain is that the Android OS is a major part of whatever Google is going to be doing outside of search for the foreseeable future.

Google is expected to call on its Android developer community this week to create applications for TVs and its software could prove popular if it also promises advertising revenues for TV manufacturers.

cnet is also talking about Google and the future at the start of the week. While the Internet and TV have their place this week is likely to be big for letting us know more about the mobile efforts of Google and Android.

However, this is clearly one area in which Google and Microsoft–bitter rivals otherwise–can agree: developer support is crucial to the growth of technology platforms. Google has scheduled press briefings for its enterprise, Wave, Chrome, and Android technologies, giving us a pretty good idea of what topics it intends to highlight during the show.

One major thing has changed between last year’s show and this year’s, in that Android is now a mainstream operating system that is increasingly butting heads with Apple’s iPhone for mindshare among consumers and developers.

We already know that one major highlight of Google I/O will come from Adobe, which plans to demonstrate Flash Player 10.1 running on an Android phone at the show. Google will also likely use the occasion to launch–or at least show off–Android 2.2, code-named Froyo in keeping with Google’s sweet dessert theme of codenames for Android releases.

So keep a watchful eye on the I/O conference this week. While the darling of last year’s conference, Google Wave, hasn’t exactly crashed on the shore, it is likely that the focus on Google’s Android driven services will be part of next wave of Internet services that will be impacting how we communicate for some time to come.

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