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Welcome to the newly designed search engine:

OK, I’m teasing. The above is a screenshot of the much rumored–and now officially launched–new interface for Google.

Look, I know. Google didn’t just roll out this new design because of the interface Bing uses. I know this is not in response to Bing gaining market-share. I know that Google has been testing this interface for a while.

But, that’s not the story I’d be telling the media, if I were Bing. Nooooo!

I’d be on the phone, sending email, and doing just about everything and anything to ensure that the media makes the–somewhat tenuous–connection between Google’s new interface and the one Bing launched last year.

Why not?

Google rarely serves up its competitors an opportunity to make the claim that an old dog can learn new tricks. In this case, Google learning a thing or two from Microsoft. And, even if you stand by the claim that Google did not make any of these changes in response to Bing, then you have to tip your hat to Bing for launching this interface way before Google. Heck, why not even throw some kudos to–they sure could use it!

So, back to the new interface.

It’s basically a more aesthetically pleasing version of the collapsable “Search Options” Google has been testing for months. It provides tools for refining your search–all dynamically generated based on your query and intent. Google’s even gone ahead and incorporated Google Squared–an interface that I have never personally found of value, but that’s just me.

So Pilgrims, what do you think of the new interface? Do you like it? Hate it? Think it looks like Bing, or not?

PS. Bing, you’re welcome! 😛

  • I was thinking the same thing. It’s interesting how the new interface only shows up for certain types of search queries — not a total rollout just yet.

    Another thing Google implemented after Bing was moving AdWords ads from the right edge of the screen to hugging the organic search results.

    That being said, Google is still the top dog in the search race. I still use Google for 90% of my search, and optimize client sites primarily for Google.

  • Anyway i am not big fan of this new interface, i more like old simple interface and i do not see any reason to change that because no one complained about that interface till now
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  • Jon

    I hate the new look, just more fussy mess on the page I don’t need, looks like Google is catching the eBay disease..

    I wish they would leave this stuff alone, or at the very least give use a big opt out tick box,

    will just have to remove all the crap I don’t want with addblock plus and element hiding helper in Firefox as I have to with all the eBay crap

  • Erin

    Simple is better!!! Please I hate the new google. If something isn’t broken, why fix it? Please I don’t why this bothers me so much, but it does! Is there anywhere we can officially complain about this?


  • samson

    I think its a remake of the facebook interface, am very disappointed google went this way, they have always been known to set the pace not play second to anyone

  • Kim

    This new interface is horrible. I liked google before because it was so simple and intuitive. I don’t use Bing for a reason. And now…. what’s a girl suppose to do!

  • Chris
  • Salv

    Man, seriously. This happened with YouTube a month ago and now they’re going on despite the sh*tstorm that occured and is bound to occur again? I was beginning to find Microsoft irritating, but Google is truly infuriating me now, to the point that Microsoft almost looks adorable. Looking at their user feedback forums (where practically everyone is against their changes and Google employees keep pasting pre-made posts that are utterly useless and totally ignore the feedback) makes me sick. Damn I’d like to punch someone in the face for this outrage. I guess it’s time for a boycott.

  • Andrew


  • TinFury

    I hate the new Google bull shit. I hate BING and use Google because it’s simple and straightforward. Now really. WTF is this?!?! Google,,, don’t copy a failure.

  • WebDeveloper

    What can I say….

    New Google Caffeine = FAIL! (Very funny SERPs)
    New Google Layout = FAIL! (Totally useless)

    Now I use Yahoo.