Social Media Collaboration Around Oil Spill

I’m not sure if this signifies a new era of cooperation between the private sector and government agencies but apparently man made natural disasters can create strange bedfellows. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is grabbing headlines has created a new website that is jointly managed by not only the companies involved (British Petroleum and Transocean) but also many of the government agencies looking to get this situation under control.

ReadWriteWeb reports

Now that oil from the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon is heading for landfall on the Gulf Shore, social media is out front again. A collaborative multimedia website, Gulf of Mexico – Deepwater Horizon Incident, rich in social media, has been launched information for those who are or might be hit.

Now Apple in the Anti-trust Crosshairs?

With Google and Apple butting heads and locking horns at every corner these days one place neither of them want to be seen is in front of federal regulators full of anti-trust concerns. Google is getting very used to this kind of scrutiny but Apple seems to keep its nose clean as it relates to this kind of activity. That is until very recently.

A report from the New York Post tells us

After years of being the little guy who used Washington to fend off Goliaths like Microsoft, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is about to learn what life is like when the shoe’s on the other foot.

Cup of Joe: What Kind of Potatoes Are You Using?

PotatoesHow much do you know about potatoes?

For example, did you know that potatoes grown above the 42nd parallel grow during the day when it’s warm, and stop growing at night when it cools down? Did you know that the longer a potato grows the more dense it is? Don’t worry I didn’t know any of this either, until I read about Jerry Murrell. Jerry Murrell, is the successful entrepreneur behind the rapidly growing Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Recently, Murrell, spoke to about how he and his sons have grown their small burger joint into a rapidly growing business that accounted for $483 million in sales in 2009. After reading Jerry’s story of success I asked myself what are the key elements that helped his business grow? Apart from what appears to be his natural business savvy approach, and his son’s willingness to grow the company, it is also apparent that Murrell is obsessed with the quality of its product.