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While most of the attention these days is given to the growth of social media and mobile applications as ways for business to capitalize online, one thing doesn’t seem to change much. That one thing is that search marketing delivers. Sure it fluctuates and there are changes happening all the time but a study conducted by Internet Retailer and brought to us by MediaPost shows that it performs. In the end, that’s what matters, right?

There are several other interesting points that the survey found not the least of which is that 43% of those checking in will be shifting some marketing dollars to search efforts with bing. Where will the money come from?

While talk is cheap (certainly cheaper than clicks) it will be interesting to see if bing really is making some progress in its quest to become a viable option for searchers and advertisers alike.

Budget allocation to search varies

In the end though it’s always about conversions and there is more indication that those are staying the same or going up rather than declining.

There are more charts and information here.

So what is your experience with search and where are you heading for the next year? Is it up? Is it down? Is it good? Is it bad? Surveys are fun but we want to get the scoop from some folks that may not qualify as an Internet Retailer “big boy”.

  • Nice to see some stats rather than speculation. I personally would be interested to see how many companies are allocating some of their budget towards social media. Facebook certainly seems to be a hot topic for traffic generation this year!
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  • search is still going well and allowing places to experiment more with social before breaking up the budget. But it is always good not to put all eggs in one basket.

    Can’t wait to see how Bing does.

  • That’s a very interesting read, thanks

  • I think paid channels are always worthy but only the thing that changes is the platform they choose to pay! Social media’s are not really good in getting conversion specially to say with twitter, you can just get traffic mostly! But there is certainly a strong impact from social media which is why the latest update from Google, the Google new search interface which allows more space to the paid results!

  • I have a nice mix of social media and search engine optimization exposure. After all, it is what I do for a living. Although I saw a really big spike in social media traffic for a while in mid-2009, search has always grown and held very strong advantages, while social media is a bit “squishier” in the numbers. Search is how people find what they want when they want it. Good marketing takes a multi-faceted approach, and it all matters. It should never be overlooked how these things relate, and social media can have some amazing effects on search engine optimization.

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