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Twitter does a lot of things for a lot of people. It’s obviously not for everyone (which is a dirty little secret of the social media industry) but it is very powerful with the right folks. One of the uses of Twitter is passing along favorite video clips. In fact, some recent ‘research’ by TubeMogul as reported by Mashable shows far and away Twitter’s dominance in passing video through the social graph (or whatever pithy term you want to call social networking as a whole). Here’s a picture to ‘prove’ it by examining the growth of this activity.

There are many thoughts and theories as to why this happens and the one that seems to make the most sense is the ease of use of Twitter for spreading information via retweets. Once someone has ‘rubber stamped’ a video their followers who trust their judgment on these matters are more likely to pass the information along. I would even suspect that many pass it along without even watching the video themselves but that is a pure guess on my part.

Another important element researched shows that people who view a video from a Twitter referral spend more time watching the video than with any of the other referrers.

Please keep in mind that there is no real backing for this data. Mashable did not provide a link to any source and there is no explanation of methodology for the information. This should serve as our usual “Use Internet Research At Your Own Risk” warning because, let’s face it, anyone can produce a ‘study’. As a result, the less information given about the ‘study’ makes it less and less valid (or at least it should).

Does your experience with Twitter and video match that of these findings? Tell us your thoughts.

  • I think more then the Twitter community likes videos the best, try Facebook users too
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  • Read yesterday that: Music Videos Make Up 57% Of The Web’s Most Watched Viral Videos.
    .-= roy morejon´s last blog ..The Biggest Shift Since The Industrial Revolution =-.

  • I can see this being true due to the ease in which people can share information through Twitter. Using Twitter to spread viral videos works well because people love to share things online. It would be great if Mashable or any other authority took some time and released some more usable information for marketers with numbers to back it up.
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