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Quite simply? You never know what you’re going to get with Yahoo these days.

Yesterday, the search engine web portal tried to jump on the Google interface redesign with a pitiful attempt to point out all the cool features it has in common with the new design. Unfortunately, Yahoo gave up on search when it handed the keys over to Microsoft, so no one really cares what it does in search anymore.

Then today, Yahoo launches a new ad blitz–aimed at distancing itself from the blandness of Google. Really, Yahoo? Either you’re in the game or not. As the famous Yoda once said: “Do, or do not, there is no try!”

Anyway, back to the new ad campaign. Apparently Yahoo plans to spend boatloads of cash on promoting its new slogan: “Your favorite stuff all in one place. Make Yahoo your home page.”

Here’s one of the potential ads:

“When you look at this home page nothing looks back at you. You come to this place so you can leave.” How cute!

That’s a great message–assuming we all still use homepages. I know I don’t necessarily represent the online masses, but personally, I don’t like to linger on a homepage. I don’t browse a homepage–looking for things to read or ideas on things to do. I WANT to get in and get out. It’s kind of like an airport terminal. I don’t want to spend my day there. Show me which gate my plane departs from and get me out of here ASAP!

Still, I’m happy for Yahoo. It’s making an effort to define its place in our lives. Now, if it could only stick to message and focus on being the homepage of our web lives–instead of trying to be all things to all people–we’d know exactly whether it’s an orange creme or a chewy-caramel. 😉

  • EDS had the cat herders….now apparently Yahoo! has chicklet herders.

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  • I can’t imagine what it would take for me to ever use yahoo as my homepage.

  • I’m sorry Yahoo, but I can already personalise my iGoogle homepage with what I want, and I don’t even keep that updated because I agree with Andy – a homepage is just the place I land first. In and out, nice and quick.
    Not sure this is going to be a nice tasting chocolate, I’ll probably look at it, then spy a nice strawberry cream that tastes and looks nicer, and have that try that one instead…
    .-= Luci´s last blog ..SEO Tracking – Advanced Google Analytics =-.

  • Some people are hard core about their Yahoo home page. Most Yahoo users I know treat it like a religion. To each their own.

    I hate the new google UI they keep pushing, randomly showing up in my searches like a weird uncle. I’m part time with Bing now.

  • Dean

    Dear Yahoo!

    We love the new strategy and think it will revolutionize the Internet!

    AOL 1995

  • Very nice post but yahoo noy my favourite webside.

  • Jason


  • Mike

    “Unfortunately, Yahoo gave up on search when it handed the keys over to Microsoft, so no one really cares what it does in search anymore.”

    I don’t get your statement.

    First, Microsoft has licensed Yahoo’s back-end search technology (so Yahoo’s still owns it).

    Second, you’ll still be able to search on Yahoo throughout this deal.

    Third, do a better job of researching the deal before you go posting false info.

    Fourth, you’re quoting Star Wars characters to make a point because you can’t get real quotes from real sources.

    Fifth, “I know I don’t necessarily represent the online masses”. No kidding?!?! We can tell by the limited amount of traffic you get to this web site. 🙂