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Yahoo is still trying to get itself repositioned in the market as the clock ticks down on its life as a search company. As part of that effort they are integrating more Facebook features into their popular e-mail client. This process started on Monday and will continue to be more evident moving forward.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

For more than a year, Yahoo has been adding social features to make its email platform look more like Facebook; now, it’s rolling out a change that just brings part of Facebook itself to Yahoo mail.

The move is another step in Yahoo’s attempt to keep up with competitors in social networking without relying on a social network it builds itself.

Since Monday night, some Yahoo users have been able to see and respond to updates from the Facebook news feed within the Yahoo email platform. And if users get email updates from Facebook sent to their Yahoo address, they’ll be able to reply to the post directly in the message without having to go to Facebook. Other users will be receiving the features in the coming weeks.

Yahoo’s take on the world of social networking is not to have their own platform but to be an aggregator of various social outlets. If they can keep people engaged on Yahoo properties longer by including more areas of their online lives into the experience then they can sell more ads against that experience. Sounds simple enough but whether it is actually effective is another story.

I have used a Yahoo e-mail address for many, many years. Over the past year I have enjoyed their homepage ‘news’ delivery when I go to check my e-mail. I have gotten some real good information from that experience. But like one Yahoo exec put it

“We’re more of an aggregator rather than a core social network,” Mr. Titus said. “If you want to do deep things in Facebook you go to Facebook,” he added.

While I would rarely confuse my Facebook activity with something ‘deep’, I have to agree that what I want to do on Facebook will be done on Facebook. Yahoo gives me an e-mail platform and some news. That’s enough for me. Why should I give another company information about me (because you need to connect to Facebook from Yahoo) when it appears that we all have enough to worry about just from Facebook itself?

  • Kirk

    I would disagree. Aggregation is where it’s at these days. Whether you look at online or offline more and more products and services are being aggregated under one roof so that the consumer can find and buy at ease.

    In the offline world, think about how Costco has added gas stations. Walmart has added grocery stores inside. Taco Bells have combined with KFCs.

    In the online world, take a look what’s happening with SEM agencies. They just don’t manage search campaigns for their clients anymore. They also want to manage traffic from your display campaigns, your emails campaigns, your offline campaigns, your analytics data, etc. Get all your traffic managed under one roof so that they can better optimize your ad spend.

    Why would I want to log into three separate tools like Facebook, Twitter, and mail when I could get it all in once place through Yahoo? You don’t go to three different places to shop for groceries do you? So why would you go to three different places online to get what you need?

    Give it to me all in one place like I’m starting to get on my mobile phone. On my phone I can now get my personal mail, my work mail, my videos, my music, my facebook info, my twitter feeds, my news, my fantasy sports, my games…hey and I can even receive and make calls! All aggreagted. All under one roof.

    Can you get all of that info on Facebook? No. On Google? No. On Yahoo? Yes.

    Think about it.

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