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It seems live forever ago that Yahoo and Bing finally got it together and announced that Bing would power Yahoo’s search results.

Well, it appears that “B-day” is fast approaching. According to a joint presentation, Yahoo has already started testing Bing’s search algorithm and the switch over will take place as early as August:

Anyone seeing Bing’s results on Yahoo pages?

UPDATE: A Yahoo spokesperson tells us:

Our goal is to transition algorithmic and paid search in the U.S and Canada in 2010 and we will soon start a series of external bucket tests (note: we’re only doing internal tests today).

However, our focus is on providing advertisers with a quality transition experience while protecting the all important holiday season.  If we don’t believe we can do both in that timeframe, we will wait until 2011, which is why the slide states that “we may adjust transition timing and dates as needed.”

Hence , we added the “May” to the post title. 😉


  • not yet.. probably it might longer to start seeing the results

  • Guys, may sure to check out that hat tip link in italics, under my image, aligned right. 😉

    • It almost went directly to WMW, but I happened to see your post before I saw the WMW thread. 😉

      • Which is why I blog these things, cause the WMW thread is buried.

        • Which is why I get the RSS feed. 😉 WMW is about the only forum I subscribe to, anything else I know you’ll spot it!

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        • I am just messing with you. You know that right?

        • Matt

          Perhaps some “attribution” credit? 🙂

  • Manan Nagpal

    One Question Mr. Beal – Will I be able to run my ads separately on Bing & Yahoo after this “B-day”

    • I would imagine they will provide that level of targeting, but not sure.

    • Mark

      Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of a unified marketplace? You run your ads separately now.