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While Google and the Chinese government duke it out, Baidu is quite happy to sit back and benefit from the increased traffic.

In fact, business must be good for the indigenous search engine because it plans to go on a hiring spree. OK, maybe “spree” is an exaggeration–the company plans to hire another 30 people.

The company on Tuesday said it would attend a job fair in the US on July 10 and that it had 30 positions to fill. “These could be Chinese, people from Taiwan or Hong Kong, or citizens of any other country,” a Baidu spokesman said.

Also an exaggeration? This post’s title. Well, not so much an exaggeration, but perhaps trickeration. You see, Baidu has 8,000 employees, of which, only 10 hold foreign passports. If the search engine were to fill all 30 open positions with US citizens, then–assuming all existing 10 are US–they’d increase their quota by 400%. 🙂

Hey, don’t blame me. Blame the entire world for not having anything decent to report on this week. Did Independence Day start early and no one tell me?

  • Google also loses its market share, The China Internet Marketing Network Information Center (CNNIC) puts Google’s overall loss at 8%, ending at 25.3% while Baidu’s market share increases to 62.1%

    China IntelliConsulting (CIC), a marketing research start-up whose founder was involved with previous CNNIC surveys, sees Google slide to 20.6%. A loss of 12.3% compared to last year. Baidu wins in this survey 13% and ends up at 65.4%. CIC though, released only the Beijing data for all relevant search engines

  • China has different alphabets. However, China is the big country with big population which can become a potential market. Google should consider it.

  • china have different kind of approach marketing.. maybe thats why google hard to penetrate there