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Cup of Joe: Those Who Can’t Blog, Make Infographics!

So, all week long I have been thinking about a really fun post idea where I make fun of Andy’s iPhone 4 obsession anticipation. But, unfortunately for you, (and fortunately for Andy), I haven’t had any time to write that gem of a post. Instead I have been baby sitting nieces and nephews all week while balancing client work! So like I always say, those who can’t blog make infographics! (or link to them!)

Below are a handful of my favorite infographics. I think all of them illustrate how art, information, and marketing can come together. Enjoy them all and add a few of your favorites in the comments section. Get ready for a regularly action packed full post next week! Same bat channel! Same bat time!

  • Matt Siltala

    Hey Joe, thanks for including the Marketing Channels one we did at Dream Systems Media. They are fun and you are 100% correct, they make a great post, even when you suck at blogging hahahaha (like I do) Another cool one I thought I’d mention (since you said to) was one on recalled baby products that I thought was SUPER slick:

    Thanks again Joe! keep it up here bud!