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In the last month there has been more than a little discussed regarding Facebook and privacy. There have been reactions that range from industry famous folks deactivating accounts to some deleting their accounts and everyone, including myself, having an opinion. Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has become everyone’s favorite whipping boy. It’s been a dog pile on Facebook as of late.

Well, how about a dose of reality? The chart below shows that even though it seems like everyone has tried to paint Facebook as the privacy devil incarnate, people keep coming to the site. Everyone including those crazy people who actually use Facebook but wouldn’t know a social media expert, guru or whatever if they tripped over one because they don’t read nor care about the industry prattling on about this and that.

comScore tells the story below of Facebook having one of their best months ever. Who woulda thunk?

Maybe there was increased traffic from the Like button craze? Maybe people were visiting to change their privacy settings? Both are very real possibilities. It looks like the bottom line is that despite all of the public hand wringing and concern over the future of Facebook, it makes sense that there has been little real worry at all from Facebook.

Why? Because there is a very large group of Facebook users who don’t have any clue about the privacy issues Facebook is facing. Facebook is banking on this. Even if half of the 500 million accounts have made themselves less available to marketers that leaves a significant number of people who are walking around with their privacy pants around their ankles. These people have all of their information out there for marketers to jump on. While it’s not 500 million it’s still a big number. A big enough number that Facebook will still do just fine.

Oh and those who have shut down their privacy settings? Facebook won’t stop until there is some way to get to that group as well. They can’t stop because there is too much money at stake. When you have investors to please the altruistic CEO “gonna change the world” talk makes for nice headlines but means nothing. Money talks.

Facebook is just a business. Big business. They’re not done yet. Would you be?

  • Thanks for letting me know. Can you let me know a little more about the error, does it have show just the blank screen?

  • fackbook is welcomed by more and more people.