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Ever since Google decided to put on its big-boy pants and respond agressively to click fraud, you just don’t read that much about it these days.

Well, thanks to a Seattle locksmith it’s time to party like it’s 199…er, 2006.

That’s the last time we had any kind of click fraud lawsuit with any meat on its bones and now we get to see if 123 Lock & Key can open-up the door that was firmly closed thanks to a class action settlement.

123 Lock says in its court papers that it began advertising with Google last October, at which time it received around 15 clicks a day — a figure that remained stable through March. Between October and March, around 80% of the people who clicked through followed up with a phone call, according to the lawsuit.

Last March, however, 123 Lock began receiving between 100 and 150 clicks a day. “123 would often receive a flurry of clicks within a single minute,” the lawsuit alleges. “These clicks never converted into phone calls. Because of the click fraud, 123 was forced to cease advertising on Google.”

Don’t expect this case to be a lock for a favorable outcome. The key will be whether 123 Lock can establish a class action status and get others to pick apart Google’s click fraud failures as well. Unless that happens, I suspect this suit will come off its hinges. 😉

  • Click fraud is something I really do not ever worry too much about. But it does seem like this locksmith has a case. But a lawsuit for this? I don’t think the attorneys fees are worth it.

  • It’s pretty frightening..that click fraud is suppose to be about 10% of all clicks, There is a report I believe on an account wide basis, which shows the clicks Google credits (Fraudulant clicks?). This is another black box moment.

    Just as an aside Locksmith keywords are about $15 to $20.00 a click in the Florida region now do the math..and you’ll understand why he’s mad.

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