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It’s safe to assume that Google is getting more and more involved in making their display ads perform better. Why wouldn’t they since there are so many opportunities to generate more and more ad revenue each time the process is refined and made more attractive to advertisers.

Along those lines there are likely to be many small experiments being run at any time which are intended to run under the radar but we know how long “under the radar” lasts in Internet time. One of these experiments is being reported by ClickZ.

Google has quietly invited a handful of advertisers to test a new display-ad integration with Twitter.

The layout of the ads is simple: The familiar Twitter bird is in the left-hand corner, and the advertiser’s latest tweet is featured in a box centered in the unit. A button to the right reads “Follow on Twitter,” allowing users to become a follower of the advertiser without leaving the page.

The ads are linked to the client’s Twitter account, allowing it to always dynamically insert every tweet. Clicking on any part of the ad other than the “Follow on Twitter” button takes the user to the advertiser’s Twitter page. The ads are appearing on sites in the Google content network.

Personally, I like this idea because it takes an ad which is usually pretty flat and one dimensional in its message and allows an interested party to go to where there is, hopefully, some discussion about the product or service being advertised. With all of the talk of privacy concerns, I think that this extra layer of allowing a prospective customer (or current brand groupie) to further engage in the brand ‘experience’ via a Twitter page, no matter how contrived the experience ends up being, has a lot of potential to help advertisers and customers alike. It sure beats the alternative, which is some landing page that wants to get your “information” in exchange for more information about the product or service being investigated by the end user.

Of note, Google is not talking directly about the program, which was revealed to the ‘press’ by a Norwegian search marketing company. (Hmmmmm, imagine that. A search marketing company ‘leaking’ their involvement so they might get links. Sorry boys, not from us ;-)). Google did, however, have this response.

“To provide more marketing opportunities for our advertisers to reach users in moments that are relevant and useful to them, we are currently testing different ways that allow advertisers to better update their ads in real time,” wrote a Google spokesperson in an e-mail message. “We are currently in a limited test with a small number of advertisers and publishers.”

Your take?

  • Perry

    Wouldn’t this violate the Twitter TOS, given their recent pronouncements with respect to promo tweets?

  • Zhanks for the Tips. I am from Germany. look, hear is mey Twitter Konto:

  • google always has a new idea to do betterment for the advertisers. love google

  • Lea

    Not all people in search marketing are “boys.” Although I feel we are outnumbered, “girls” like to play at the search marketing playground too. 🙂

  • Marc

    Blogads has had an RSS / Twitter feed option in their ad units for over a year now… you can see examples in the right sidebar:

  • This is actually good, I agree. However, let’s all hope that people don’t abuse this.

  • amazing stuff thanks so much mate. google really do amazing stuff. they also want to own everything.