Posted June 21, 2010 4:29 pm by with 9 comments

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So, Yahoo and Bing, how’s that “taking on Google” thing working out for y’all?

Oh, never mind. 😉

  • Not exactly unexpected. In terms of relevant results, I rarely have a problem with Google. Bing and Yahoo sometimes display strange sites in relation to what I was searching for.

  • I think that Google always gives me a wide range of searches in a more accurate manner than other search engines like yahoo, bing, and msn.

  • This is just another example that how much google popular is?Although yahoo is trying hard but still people feel more comfortable with google.

  • Google has proved its monopoly in search market and it really needs a great push up, a super power, bigger force to take its search market share. When Bing came into existence good percentage of online searchers were confident that Bing because of its new interface, added features and also because of its tie up with Yahoo will steal off Google search share. Lets wait and watch.

  • I accept that both 2nd 3rd are not equal to Google. But searchers are using 2 times more then that two. Always google is rock.

  • I think Richard’s comments from above are the most telling. Google’s results are just that much more relevant. You can do anything to the UI you want but ultimately a good search experience wins the day.

  • I really like Bing. It gives me better results and looks really nice. Google, however, has done such a good job building up brand recognition that it will be near impossible to take down that 500 pound gorilla. I really don’t like using Yahoo!.

  • Mark

    Ummmm…Yahoo + Bing hasn’t started yet, so how could one know?

    Also, Marketing Pilgrim traffic isn’t looking that stellar itself lately….

    Google doesn’t appear to be driving much traffic your way lately as your numbers are down about 30% MoM. Maybe you ought to try the Bing/Yahoo alliance when it starts? 🙂

  • I think google is still the best search engine. I always find information I need through searching in google.