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Back in March, we told you that Google’s Ad Sitelinks were a huge success for…Google.

OK, maybe advertisers liked them as well, but if you weren’t careful, you could find your ads see a 30% increase in click-throughs. That all sounds great, as long as you were prepared to cover the cost of those increased clicks.

Anyway, Google would like more of your paid search spend and is rolling out Ad Sitelinks to all advertisers and throwing in a new one-line format to boot!

When a user’s query matches a keyword in your Ad Sitelinks-enabled campaign, Google will automatically determine if your ad qualifies to show Ad Sitelinks and whether to show the two-line or the one-line format based on the quality of that ad. Ads that currently qualify for the two-line format will not be affected by the addition of the new one-line format.

As a reminder, Sitelinks look similar to the algorithmically displayed Sitelinks found in the organic results. The new one-line format will look something like this:

So, who’s happy with SiteLinks? Who’s not?

  • Good post, glad to see someone else has picked up on the crazy day of Google sitelinks today.

    It’s entertaining to see how ad’s in P2 and P3 are getting sitelinks and P1 ads aren’t. Means you have affiliates with sitelinks when the brands haven’t got them in place yet. Competitors are brand bidding in P2 with sitelinks when the brands don’t have them themselves and the generic P1’s are paying premium CPC’s whilst the P2 ad’s with sitelinks will be getting better CTR.

    What does it all mean in reality?

    More money for Google as the organic results get pushed even further down the SERPS!

  • i didn’t notice sitelink in ads
    is it a new feature?

  • I love site links for most of our organic listings and I think they’re a great addition for non-landing page advertisers. I find them extremely helpful (most of the time) when I’m searching for info. and products.

    Who doesn’t want to find information faster?

    Black Hat makes a good point.

  • I agree with Black hat. Their non-organic search results makes my searches easier for products and information. I hope Google will keep on improving their sites.

    And more thing, I hope they would do something about spams on their news though. It really annoys me.

  • Google ad sitelinks are a nice addition to Googles never ending revenue stream. Increased competition for Adwords by some competitors, plus the state of the economy, Google has to innovate to make up for lost revenue .