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Is Google’s “Best Guess” Good Enough for Social Search?

When it comes to social media, it appears Google is playing a guessing game.

Exhibit A:

Google has announced it will start spidering your Google Buzz content and bring anything relevant into your Social Search results–you know, that little box that you see at the bottom of your search results page?

Anyway, from the hundreds of words on the page, just one stood out to me:

Google makes a best guess about whose public content you may want to see in your search results — the content you see comes from your “social circle.”

Did you see it? Take another look:

Google makes a best guess about whose public content you may want to see in your search results — the content you see comes from your “social circle.”

A guess Google?

Billions of dollars in algorithms and you’re making a “best guess” on what social media content might be relevant to our search? I can hear Yoda now, “know or know not, there is no guess!”

OK, so it’s just a word. Google “guesses” all the time. After all, only you truly know the intent of your search. However, I thought it was an unfortunate use of the word–especially when Google seems to be making all the wrong guesses in social media. ;-)

  • Daniel Dessinger

    Since I never intentionally use Google Buzz and see it as a mostly irrelevant service anyway, I’m not too concerned by this.

    The only time I “use” Google Buzz is when I’m using Google Reader. I choose the “share” link frequently when I read something I think others would benefit from. That share button sends the article link out to those poor souls who are following me on Buzz, and inevitably draws a few more spam accounts to follow.

    But like many have said before, I don’t need a second Twitter or Facebook tool, so however Google decides to integrate this into search results is a waste of time in my book. However, I will say that “if” Google manages to learn more about what I want to read by those few feed articles I share, more power to them.

    Then again, my #1 request to Google right now is that I given the option to search non-personalized search WHILE signed in to Google products. That would be nice. I want to see what everyone else sees all the time. And if I got my wish, these social search updates would be completely invisible.

    • Phil

      Google buzz as per google is lot improved but like you said, why i will have to use this when i have already other standard accounts………integrating with search is forcing users to use google products while having no interest in that services or products provided by google