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I love PubCon. You love PubCon. We all love PubCon!

But, let’s face it, sometimes PubCon can feel, well, a little overwhelming. After all, there are so many great sessions, so many parrellel tracks, that it can be hard to figure out just where you need to be.

So, PubCon founder Brett Tabke has come up with the solution. Smaller workshops. One day only. Just two tracks to choose between. And nothing but the very best training.

PubCon Masters Group Training comes to Austin, Texas on July 21st and will provide in-depth training for both search engine optimization and social media marketing.

The Austin search training program will feature in-depth sessions led by some of the industry’s most respected search professionals, with the SEO track including Michael Gray, president of Atlas Web Service, Carolyn Shelby, Web experience manager at United Way of Metro Chicago, Joe Laratro, president of Tandem Interactive, and Brett Tabke, founder and chief executive of WebmasterWorld.

The social media marketing track will feature Trackur chief executive and Marketing Pilgrim founder Andy Beal,’s self-proclaimed viral marketing scientist Dan Zarella, and Brian Massey, from Conversion Sciences, who teaches businesses the science of turning Web traffic into leads and sales.

As you can see, I’ll be there–and I hope you will be too! PubCon has kindly granted a 15% discount to all Marketing Pilgrim readers. Simply enter the code mp-3818815 when registering!

See you there!

  • little bill

    Here’s an ideal, build a heavy duty funnel and of course maybe from stainless steel, something that will not deteriorate to salt water, turn the unit upside down with a counter weight and maybe 3′ or what ever into the sea bed. Maybe a flexible liner attached to the funnel and a cable to guide it to the top and then you would be able to load your tankers.

    I have sent this ideal about a month ago, now this may work as well, what ever the diameter size of the pipe: Ex 12” have a hinge clamping device attached to the bottom, of we will say a length of a 3 ‘ stainless steel pipe, with maybe a bypass in the centre if there are problems you could technically use this centre section and again have a flexible liner long enough to reach the surface and again a cable for guiding, good luck

    Little Bill