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Facebook can’t seem to buy a break these days. It’s almost as if the privacy powers that be are reaching out and making life difficult for the social media giant just because they can. Could anything be worse than the string of bad reports that have dogged Facebook for the past couple of weeks? Not quite but this latest issue isn’t something that Facebook will like ;-).

According to Mashable

Is your website experiencing problems with Facebook’s Like buttons? Don’t worry, it’s not just you and Facebook is working on a solution.

The problem that seems to be impacting potentially thousands of sites is that clicking on a Like button results in an error stating “The page [page URL] cannot be reached.” A bug has been filed with Facebook and the developers status page indicates that the company is actively working on a solution.

This bug seems to be occurring at random — everything from small sites to some pages on are reporting problems. When users click on a button, a red “error” link appears and a pop-up is then displayed saying the site cannot be reached.

Not the end of the world admittedly but with such a widespread acceptance of the Facebook Like button out of the gate having it get all squirrelly is less than optimal especially in light of Facebook’s recent woes.

Now, the funny thing is that Mashable reports a possible ‘fix’ that if it is the case is going to make for some long nights in the Facebook marketing department.

Incidentally, an error that was occurring on a few posts was seemingly fixed by changing the button text from “Like” to “Recommend.” That may be purely coincidental, but we did notice that upon making that change, the buttons that previously didn’t function now work. Developers might want to give that a shot and see if the change in preference yields any improved results.

Hmmmm, a “Recommend” button? It doesn’t really roll off the tongue like “Like” does but if the button works, hit it!