Google Enabling Paid Content Movement?

Google is a pretty smart company wouldn’t you agree? They have been able to ‘make markets’ in a sense because there is now a lot of money being made where just 15 years ago there was no industry to even make it in. One could probably argue (although here is no the place) that without the industry of the Internet of which Google is a cornerstone the world economy could be even worse off than it is now (that’s a scary thought , huh?).

In a broad sense the Internet is predicated on content. That content has been free but is increasingly moving toward a paid model whether end users like it or not. Now, back to Google being smart. If there is truly a movement toward paid content being more the norm than just a theory, do you think Google would be trying to profit from it? Of course, otherwise you might think they were slipping.

US Online Ad Spending to Grow 10.8% in 2010


Wanna buy some hot charts and industry predictions for the US online advertising industry?

Good, I’ll need about 700 portraits of George Washington, in green, and they’re all yours.

OK, joking aside.

If you have $695 lying around, and absolutely need to know the inside track on the growth of the online advertising space in the US, then eMarketer would love to hear from you. I’ve not seen the report, but it promises 34 pages and a whopping 51 charts. Who doesn’t like charts?

Below is one of said charts:

As you can, after a decline in 2009, online advertising spend is set to make a big comeback this year–with a 10.8% growth rate. The four years after that look pretty darn good too!

Facebook Rumored to be Fine in the Revenue Dept.

As Internet marketers, our ability to do our job and really our fate as a whole has little to do with anything we actually control. What I mean is that if it weren’t for all of the different mechanisms like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc our work would look quite a bit different. Since we are completely dependent on these kinds of ‘tools’ working we should be paying attention to the financial health of these entities as best we can. Since Facebook and Twitter are private companies that leads to more speculation than anything else.

Reuters reports, however, that ‘people familiar with the situation’ (don’tcha love that kind of description of sources?) are saying that at least in 2009 Facebook was profitable.

Colbert Tells The New York Times To Go Tweet Itself

Just plain funny. Enjoy.


Only 10% of Marketers Consider Social Media Important for Customer Engagement

If I were to ask you “how do you measure customer engagement,” what would you say?

That’s just one of the questions that Forbes asked CMOs in a new Forbes Insights report entitled: “The New Rules of Engagement: CMOs Rethink Their Marketing Mix” (free download). And, while CMOs seem to understand the importance of engagement–67% said is was “very” important and 30% said it was “somewhat” important–they can’t quite put their finger on how to measure it.

The chart below highlights the metrics CMOs are using to determine just how successful they are in engaging their customers. Some of them look “about right” but others perplex me.

YouTube Brings Easy Video Editing to the Masses

Want proof that anything that can be done on the desktop can be done in your web browser?

YouTube has just announced its brand-spanking new online video editor–allowing anyone to make simple edits and improvements to their uploaded videos.

You’ll find it located inside of TestTube–how cute–because it’s a little rough around the edges, but the functionality includes:

  • Combine multiple videos you’ve uploaded to create a new longer video
  • Trim the beginning and/or ending of your videos
  • Add soundtracks from our AudioSwap library of tens of thousands of songs
  • Create new videos without worrying about file formats and publish them to YouTube with one click — no upload necessary

OK, so maybe not quite as sophisticated as Adobe Premier or iMovie, but I suspect the above features represent about 80% of most video editing needs.

Bing to May Power Yahoo Results Starting in August

It seems live forever ago that Yahoo and Bing finally got it together and announced that Bing would power Yahoo’s search results.

Well, it appears that “B-day” is fast approaching. According to a joint presentation, Yahoo has already started testing Bing’s search algorithm and the switch over will take place as early as August:

Anyone seeing Bing’s results on Yahoo pages?

UPDATE: A Yahoo spokesperson tells us:

Our goal is to transition algorithmic and paid search in the U.S and Canada in 2010 and we will soon start a series of external bucket tests (note: we’re only doing internal tests today).