Paid Search Accounts for Almost Half of Online Advertising

According to MAGNAGLOBAL paid search is the leading form of online advertising, accounting for nearly 50% (actual 46.3%) of all online advertising. To Internet marketers this is not much of a surprise but it is something that many businesses still don’t grasp.

The study predicts a steady path of growth in overall online advertising spend as seen in the chart below.

Paid search should continue to lead the way moving in to the future. The report tells us.

Commission Junction Chosen Twice as Often as Other Affiliate Networks

California based Commission Junction (a division of Value Click), announced on June 15th 2010 that 63% of online retailers who use third party affiliate companies used Commission Junction. This was more than twice as much as any other affiliate provider. The data backing this claim came from online retailers surveyed for the 2010 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide where CJ was the top seed for the 5th year in a row.

Commission Junction also scored 64% of the top 100 online retailers and lead in every sub category. The combination of all these points clearly indicates that Commission Junction is the affiliate network to beat.

As both a publisher and an advertiser, I am not surprised to read about CJ’s dominating presence with online retailers. While networks like Sharasale, Google and others offer compelling affiliate offers, there is no questioning CJ’s brand awareness and ability to snag advertisers.

AOL to Unload Bebo for Cheap

Two years AOL bought Bebo for $850 million it looks like the fire sale for this ‘asset’ may happen. We had wondered if this was even an option considering some of the tax laws attached to the sale like this could work against AOL. If that were the case it was a real possibility that AOL would just let Bebo fade into the sunset.

According to the WSJ there appears to be a taker and it will likely be for next to nothing.

Ending a failed attempt to capitalize on the social-networking craze, AOL Inc. is close to selling its social-networking site Bebo to a private investment firm at a fire-sale price, according to people familiar with the matter.

Twitter’s Promoted Trends Ads Spotted in the Wild

UPDATE: Twitter has posted official details of the new “Promoted Trends,” including this interesting fact:

Like Trending Topics, Promoted Trends are already trending on Twitter but haven’t yet made their way into the Trending Topics list. Promoted Trends are clearly marked as “Promoted.” If a topic isn’t already being talked about on Twitter, it cannot be a Promoted Trend.

So, advertisers can’t force us to view trends that are of interest to no one. ;-)


Well, looky what we have here:

Yes sir! You’re looking at one of the very first glimpses of Twitter’s rumored Trending Topic ads–spotted by uber-Twitter user @Ed. Clicking on the link takes you to a trending topics page which has…wait for it…an ad for Toy Story 3.

Attorney Generals See Google Privacy as Means to Boost Careers?

Google’s facing more heat over the revelation it may have broken privacy laws when it “accidentally” snooped on public Wi-Fi networks.

I had two choices with this story. Rejected, by a very close margin, was this amazing little factoid:

Google said it accidentally gathered data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks…The practice has gone on at least since 2008.

OK, do the words “accidentally” and “2008” really go together. Can you image BP getting away with “we’ve been accidentally pumping oil into the gulf for two years?” I think not.

However, I decided to go with the news that 30 attorney generals held a conference call to discuss whether they should take collective action. Now, I readily admit that I’m a cynic. My first thought was: attorney generals are only getting involved because this is Google and legal action against the search engine is high-profile enough to help their careers.

More Predictions About Online Advertising’s Future

It looks like the mid-year re-evaluations and updates to the “start of year” predictions for the future of advertising are rolling in at a rapid pace. Today’s entry comes from one of the largest advertising firms in the world, Interpublic and its Magna Global unit. The news is good for advertising overall and particularly for the online segment as it is set to move into the number 2 slot behind TV in the race to be the largest advertising medium in the world.

MediaPost reports

The agency, long respected as Madison Avenue’s definitive source for the global ad economy, projected worldwide online ad spending would surpass the $100 billion mark, totaling $103 billion in 2015, due largely to an expansion of online advertising inventory.

Twitter Has A Rough Go As Of Late

As most of you have noticed lately Twitter has had its share of downtime. Talk of the Twitter fail whale used to be more prevalent but until recently was seen as more of a nuisance rather than an issue. Well, for many users the amount of downtime experienced recently is moving quickly into the realm of real concern rather than just an inconvenience.

Twitter is obviously aware as noted on their blog which attempts to explain what’s been happening.

From a site stability and service outage perspective, it’s been Twitter’s worst month since last October.

What’s the problem?