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Wanna buy some hot charts and industry predictions for the US online advertising industry?

Good, I’ll need about 700 portraits of George Washington, in green, and they’re all yours.

OK, joking aside.

If you have $695 lying around, and absolutely need to know the inside track on the growth of the online advertising space in the US, then eMarketer would love to hear from you. I’ve not seen the report, but it promises 34 pages and a whopping 51 charts. Who doesn’t like charts?

Below is one of said charts:

As you can, after a decline in 2009, online advertising spend is set to make a big comeback this year–with a 10.8% growth rate. The four years after that look pretty darn good too!

What’s leading the growth this year?

One contributor to the altered 2010 estimate comes from the quicker-than-expected uptick in the US economy. This shift has a twofold effect: more shopping by consumers, most readily seen in search ad expenditures, and a greater willingness among companies of all sizes to spend a bit more for marketing in general.

I guess eMarketer is hoping that confidence will result in your willingness to spend seven hundred bucks on its report. 😛

  • sam

    it just works better. the world is changing. interesting article

    • C-SAW

      If you are into investing with this oil-spill……and you like the energy sector go to mining….this stock is about to explode, they mine uranium…no pun intended. ticker DNN (Dension mines). Thank me later