Posted June 28, 2010 10:18 am by with 8 comments

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So the big rumor of the weekend is that Google may soon launch a Facebook competitor called “Google Me.”

It all kicked off after Digg founder Kevin Rose tweeted:

Now everyone is jumping in and speculating just how Google might do battle with Facebook.

As for me? Let me ask you this: What product has Google launched that has seriously competed in the social networking space? Any of these?

This is all the coverage I personally plan to give the story until two things happen:

  1. Google actually launches this new service
  2. It’s able to gain even a fraction of the market share of Facebook – and Brazil doesn’t count!

Until then, Google will remain a great search engine and a lousy social network.

  • Jack

    If nothing else, looks like they got the product name right this time.

  • I don’t think that they need anymore social services, they already offer to many

  • I agree with you. Google has tried over and over, but they are just out of their element within this space. They do a great job with many things, but I do not see the verb “google” changing from its meaning, which is to search.

  • Andy,
    For the most part I agree with you. However, I do think that they have a shot to put something together eventually.
    What they really need to do is develop a “middleware” system that glues all of their existing products together into ONE service/community.
    If they could make this supposed Google.Me an integrated portal that ties together all existing Gmail, Orkut, Wave, and Buzz users together under a clean, usable interface it could be OK. Then, if they allow people to seamlessly pull in their Youtube, Picasa, Docs, and Blogger content it would help. Finally, they need to wrap it all together with great real-time communication using Voice and Talk then somehow push it down to the Andriod phones it MAY be useable.
    That said, they’ll probably just stumble around buying up disparate pieces that they ham-handedly try to cobble together into some hodgepodge.


  • I have to admire their persistence. They keep learning things along the way though. Google’s problem – and our benefit – is that they care too much about us, the user, to really get the traction they’d need to have a successful platform. If they rolled out a new service and then opted in all Gmail users without their consent, you can bet people would grumble, but then be using the new Gmail alternative.

  • Ed

    I have zero interest in participating in “Google Me” (unless lots and lots of people switched to it – but i guess they won’t). And i think Google runs the risk of weakening its brand by trying to be all things to all people in so many different areas of the internet. From just a brand name “Google Me” is lame as well. There’s got to be other things Google can focus it’s time, money and energy on that things such as “Google Me”. The only hope Google has against Facebook is to buy Twitter, i think.

  • I think they stand to make a better run at the social network this time. They have all the tools to get it done and the reliability that facebook has struggled with.

  • Rafael L.

    Why Brazil doesn´t count? Just for curiosity.