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75+ Local SEO Meetups…and Why You Should Attend!

DSC_1443If you’ve been involved with SEO or online marketing for any length of time, chances are you’ve escaped the confines of your office and ventured out into the real world to meet like minded marketers. Perhaps you’re a conference regular attending events like Pubcon, SES, or SMX. If you’re like me and tens of thousands of other online marketers, you’ve also checked out your local meetup scene.

Meetups are gatherings of people who all share a common profession or interest. There are meetups covering almost every aspect of online marketing including SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Publishing, and Programming.

Most online marketing meetups are organized by local marketing organizations or specific individuals or companies looking to increase exposure for their own services. While motives may vary, most meetup organizers provide a valuable service for their local marketing community by offering insightful presentations, information sharing, and networking.

Some of the great things I’ve experienced attending meetups include client acquisition, client education, finding new hires, conversing with other marketing professionals, and learning really interesting information from some great speakers (shout out @btabke).

If you need to step up your game or just want the opportunity to share ideas and participate in your local marketing community, you need to check out your local meetups.

To help you down this path, I’ve compiled a list of 2-3 meetups for the 31 NFL cities. If you feel there’s a great meetup I missed, please mention it in the comments along with the name of your city.

Atlanta SEO
Atlanta Bloggers
Atlanta Web Design Group

The Maryland Internet Marketing Group
The Baltimore Washington Tech Meetup
Baltimore SEO

TheArlington/Boston/Cambridge SearchEngine OptomizationMeetupGroup
The Boston WordPress Meetup Group
SEMPO Boston

Buffalo WordPress Users

Search Engine Marketing Association of Charlotte
Ecommerce Charlotte Meetup Group

The Chicago Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group
Chicago SEO Group
Chicago Online Marketing Group

Heartland Internet Entrepreneurs Meetup
Continuous Web- Cincinnati
Interactive marketing meetup group

Local Entrepreneur and Social Media Network
Your Digital Footprints

Dallas Interactive Marketing and internet SEO and SEM meetup
DFW Social Media Marketing

The Denver Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group
Denver SEMPO Meetup Group
Social Marketing for Business – Join the Conversation

The Detroit Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization And Web 2.0 Marketing
The Detroit Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group

Wisconsin Online/Offline Networking Group

Web Marketing Strategies, SEO, and ROIs
Houston Stompers

Indianapolis Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

The Jacksonville Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group
Internet and Direct Response Marketing Group

Kansas City, MO
Internet Marketing Social Media Group
DotNext Kansas City
Kansas City Search Engine Marketing Association

How to increase ROI On Websites – S FL internet marketing
South Florida internet Marketing
South Florida Interactive Marketing Association

Minneapolis internet and search marketing authority
Internet Marketers Using StomperNet Strategies
Social marketing and networking meetup

Nashville 2.0
The Nashville Online Business Strategy Meetup

Net2No NetSquared New Orleans
eCommerce Merchants South Louisiana Chapter

Internet+Traditional Advertising/Marketing Professionals NY
Internet marketers of New York (SEO, PPC, social, affiliate)
New York Internet Marketing Meetup Group

Webifying Women of the East Bay
East Bay Internet Marketing for Businesses – SEO, SEM, PPC
Bay Area Net Marketing alliance

SEO Grail Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Stompers

Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix internet marketing and search engine optimization
Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization AZ chapter
Phoenix SEO Meetup

Pittsburgh Internet Marketing and SEO Meetup
SEMPO Pittsburgh

San Diego Search Engine Optimization Meetup
The San Diego Internet Marketing Meetup
The San Diego Social Media Marketing Meetup

The SES San Francisco Meetup Group
SEMPO San Francisco Meetup

Seattle Web Technology Meetup Group
Meetup202 Seattle

St. Louis Small Business Internet Marketing
Tiny Business, Mighty Profits

The tampa seo and internet marketing group
Tampa Stompers

Washington DC
Washington DC on line marketing (SEO/SEM/Social Media) Group
Marketing Meetup Group in Wash. D.C.
Monetization & Income Strategies For Online Entrepreneurs

(special thanks to Mary Werner for helping to research this list)

  • Tony Wright

    In Dallas, you missed one – its actually the oldest local SEO organization in the country (since 2002) and definitely the biggest in Dallas. The group has more than 100 people who meet to talk about SEO once a month. Learn more at

    • David Vogelpohl

      Thanks for the heads up. Sorry we missed this one :)

  • Jason

    Hey David,

    We recently started up a Maryland SEO group. Our group caters to all skill levels, ranging from newbies to pros. We will be having meetups around Maryland, not just in Baltimore.

    Learn more at

  • Ben Wills

    Awesome list here!

    The meetup group here in Austin is fantastic. Laura Alter has been plugging away and growing the group for over two years. With monthly meetups that now draw around 200 people and guest speakers like Brett Tabke, Tim Ash and Dave Evans, I’d be willing to bet it’s one of the best in the country.

    • David Vogelpohl

      Thanks Ben. I made it to the Brett Tabke meetup and I know Laura has been working hard for a long time. Great meetup.

    • Laura Alter

      Thanks for the mention, Ben! :) Austin rocks!

      Laura & Adam

  • Cole

    Great list – but I guess not having Los Angeles/Orange County included is just another negative effect of the Rams and Raiders leaving. How about some help for your friends from SOOO Cal?

  • Shawn @ McConnell Group

    I was able to find some local meet ups on forums, going into the country specific threads you’ll be able to find people near you. it’s also good to know IM’s aren’t anti-socail and you can communicate your ideas a lot quicker in person and gain different perspectives too.


  • Duran seo

    its amazing to see how the awareness of internet marketing and SEO has evolved. particularly over the US. in Europe expect for a few conventions in england i don’t hear about many rich options such as these. but this gives hop like always that the day will come and it will keep evolving.

    after all this is the internet era, isn’t it ?

  • Rob Woods

    …and the above only covers the USA…

    Here’s one I’m a member of in Vancouver, BC

    The Vancouver Search Engine Marketing Group

  • James

    I helped organize one in East Idaho and we’re looking for good people to head up meetups in other parts of Idaho:

  • Owen Maule

    Search engine optimization that is process of promote site on the search engine like Google. Yahoo. MSN. Thank You :D.

  • Glenn

    How about Los Angeles? It’s kind of big, even if we don’t have (or want) an NFL team … (Sorry, just saw the comment above, thanks.)

  • Karilee

    As Rob mentioned, there are lots of good Meetup Groups here in Canada too. If you’re in the Vancouver area and need some recommendations, drop me a line through my website.

  • Alejandro Reyes

    We don’t have the NFL but we have a UFL team ;)

    Sacramento SEO Meetup
    Close to 200 Folks

    Sacramento Social Media Meetup
    Close to 250

    Great list ;)

  • Ineed

    Sharing the latest search engine and online marketing news, releases, industry trends and great DIY tips and advise through Meetup Groups is such a good way to explain new technology or idea towards other.

  • Charlotte Internet Marketing

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  • TomTheLandMan

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