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OK, this is just plain unfair!

I stopped using Blogger back in 2005, because, well, it hadn’t received any decent new features in a couple of years. Since then, Google has done a better job of keeping up with WordPress and today Blogger uses are getting something that really makes me jealous.

Real-time web analytics!

I mean, c’mon Google! Blogger is a free platform and you’re giving them free real-time web stats? What about us Google Analytics users? What did we ever do to deserve being shunned? <sniff>

I suspect that Blogger is getting this first because a) it’s a small set of sites to test it with, and b) Google knows the code of these sites inside and out, so can anticipate the strain on its analytics servers.

Still, I’ll go on record and say that I would pay a premium for real-time Google Analytics data. OK, maybe not a boatload of money, but give me real-time stats and a few other premium services and I’d throw Google $100 a year. 🙂

  • 100$ is not bad for real time stats

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