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Taylor Mali reminds us that speaking from a place of authority is still cool. Speaking from authority is important but, it’s more important to not only speak like an authority but to be one.

The other day I saw a link on Twitter to a blog post about about Google Caffeine. Being the uber search geek that I am, I clicked it. The blog post was horrible. There were two main problems with the post. It was riddled with inaccurate information, and it did a horrible job convincing the reader of the ideas presented. So what was the root cause of such a bad post?

The author didn’t know what the heck she was talking about! Because of this, she presented downright false data and, more importantly, looked unsure and quite honestly like an amateur.

The best way to speak from a place of authority is to become an authority! If you think you are an authority in internet marketing and you want a place to speak from authority, then maybe you should think about writing for Marketing Pilgrim, Andy is hiring.

  • Alex P.

    This is now my favorite poem of all time. I have seen this before, but in a different version. I have never seen this original video. Thank you.

  • Thank you. admin 🙂