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Google appears to be in hot water over allegations that it’s deliberately penalizing rival search engines in its search results.

The European Commission, Europe’s highest antitrust authority [led by Joaquin Almunia], is currently looking into “some allegations of anticompetitive conduct in relation to search,” Almunia said in his speech in London. Although the work is at an early stage, “I am looking at the allegations very carefully,” given the importance of online search to the marketplace, Almunia added.

The commission began investigating Google in late February, spurred on by complaints from three competitors.

Two of the competitors are British search engine Foundem and French legal search engine Which will likely give Google a strong foundation in any official action. After all, I don’t recall Google complaining that Yahoo and Alta Vista were too dominant and didn’t rank “” high enough in their search results.

You’re either popular or you’re not. What world do we live in where your biggest rival has to help you try and beat it?

  • Yes both whiners indeed and both useless search engines . They don’t even get the basics of SEO right. Why on earch would the Google algorithm treat them any different. It is more likely that the have some in-house rookie doing their SEO and don’t want to pay someone to do a better job.

  • It is hard to compete with Google. Whoever wants to design a search engine will have to think more than Google does.

  • I alway use for search not use google country for search because it not complete 🙂

  • Google has every right to put whatever it wants in their search results. Even if they were doing everything algorithmically right with their website, doesn’t mean Google needs to provide their website as a result.

    That being said, do a Google search for “search engine” and you will find that they have no problem showing their competitors. Interesting stuff!

  • Google is big giant in search marketing industry and its being tough competition.

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