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Amidst the very arid and nearly barren news landscape for the Internet marketing industry (unless you consider pure speculation and duct taping your iPhone news) is Google’s announcement of a new website. It seems very innocuous but when you think about what Google is facing these days maybe there is more to this.

The site, Google Fiber for Communities, is not about better digestive tract health but rather it’s about higher quality, less expensive Internet access for all brought to by, you guessed it, Google. The Official Google Blog reports

In February we announced our plans to build experimental, ultra-high speed broadband networks. Over the past several months, our team’s been hard at work reviewing the nearly 1,100 community responses to our request for information—not to mention the nearly 200,000 responses from individuals across the U.S.

Throughout this process, one message has come through loud and clear: people are hungry for better and faster Internet access. With that in mind, today we’re launching a new site called Google Fiber for Communities, where you can learn more about fiber networks and keep up-to-date on our project. You’ll also be able to advocate for common-sense federal and local policies that would help fiber deployments nationwide.

This all functions as a very nice piece of PR if nothing else. Washington is breathing down Google’s neck about everything from privacy to you name it. Thus, it makes sense for Google to push the “Do No Evil” and “Google for the betterment of society” part of their agenda to show their commitment to the greater good. The whole idea of doing things to make profits, benefit shareholders and generally make life better for a lot of folks through free market principles seems to just get them in trouble more often than not (by the way, I am reading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” so I am hyper sensitive to this whole scenario right now).

Here is Google’s ‘Thank You’ video which is pretty cool and is adept at giving Google that “We have the world’s best interest at heart” feel.

I think that Google knows that in order to get the future big projects in place with less resistance from Washington and to be able to make the purchases they desire without federal interference they have to paint a very rosy public picture. The more than can do that the easier it is for them to make the government look like the bad guy when it tries to stop everything Google does for fear of it becoming too powerful.

Sounds all very conspiracy ‘theory-ish’ I know but really think about it. Google has been gearing up its Washington DC machine for a while now and has even landed some higher up in some hot water as of late. Do you think they are doing it because they expect smooth sailing with regulators and lawmakers? Doubt it. They are in for a fight at every turn as the climate runs more anti-business with each passing day. If they don’t play the game the consequences could be severe for more than just Google.

  • Gig4GNV, Gainesville, FL’s commitment to bring gigabit to the home, has launched their own Google Fiber for Communities site to track the ongoing selection process from a 3rd-party perspective. Let us know what your cities are doing to be selected and stay tuned for updates…

  • The speed they claim would be amazing.