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Apple’s mobile ad platform iAds are beginning to appear in apps with the ad for the Nissan Leaf leading the way. This is the same ad that was showcased by Steve Jobs during the iAd demo during the Worldwide Developers Conference last month. reports

Last week, we noted that developers had begin incorporating support for Apple’s iAd mobile advertisements into updates for their applications, with a few applications starting to show placeholder banners and test ads ahead of the program’s official launch on July 1st. Right on time, iAd advertisements have begun to go live, although their presence appears to be very spotty on iAd-compatible applications at the moment with banners appearing only occasionally while at other times the apps simply show blank space in the banner location.

Sometimes the best way to learn about things like iAds is through a video because videos are cool! Here’s one explaining the platform and focusing on the Nissan ad to do so. It was created by Nissan and ad agency Chiat/Day.

Whether the iAd platform will be the only way to place an ad in an app as threatened by Apple remains to be seen since apps allowing third party ad placements by Google’s mobile AdSense and AdMob are apparently still being approved by Apple. That, of course, could go away at any minute and Apple may depend on that ‘fear’ to move developers toward the iAd movement without actually barring others from playing as well (strong move to prevent the feds from having any issues).

Judging from the response in the MacRumors forum these ads are not exactly being seen by everyone yet.

With that in mind, just sit back and relax and enjoy your 4th of July weekend whether you see an iAd or not.