Posted July 5, 2010 8:18 am by with 2 comments

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This is not shocking. From AT&T’s data plans to just about every other aspect, having an iPhone just costs more money. This is not an indictment it’s just something that appears to be a fact for most.

In fact, an app store analytics provider, Distimo, reports on apps for the iPhone leading the way for average costs. (OK, so the BlackBerry Apps are higher on average but the lowest they can be priced is $2.99 and who buys them anyway? Ditto for Microsoft. Honestly, why these two are even considered in app discussions is beyond me. It’s either Apple or Android moving forward, correct?)

When it comes to free apps Android’s market leads the way

TechCrunch points out that the Android market has its own issues.

Distimo points out that while Android Market is available in some 46 countries, users in only 13 of those are able to download paid apps, while developers from only 9 countries can distribute them in Android Market (much to the dismay of developers and users around the world).

It’s a slow day for news in the space. What can we say?