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Are you monitoring your reputation on the web?

Not just your company name, but all of your reputations?

What, you didn’t know you had multiple reputations to monitor?

Over at Actively Listening (the Trackur blog) you’ll find 12 Critical Keywords Every Company Should Monitor in Social Media including:

6. Your Marketing Message

“So easy even a caveman can do it?” “Just do it!” What if those campaign slogans were accompanied by “sucks” or “I’ll never buy from them again?” Monitoring your marketing campaigns will help you understand if your message is getting across, and what your customers have to say about it.

7. Your Competition

Surely you’d find value in knowing your biggest competitor just got the jump on you. Reports suggest that inside Lenovo, execs knew about the launch of Apple’s Mac Air within minutes–important for Lenovo, as it was planning it’s own ultra-light notebook.

Likewise, if Shell & Exxon are not actively listening to the complaints about how BP is handling the Gulf oil spill, they are crazy. Both could use BP’s crisis to explain how they’re “cleaner” “better” or “safer.”

As a bonus, you’ll also find a PDF of 30 different keywords you should be monitoring in social media.