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MySpace needs to find another company willing to pay them for the opportunity to advertise to their decreasing number of users. They need to do this at a time when their executive suite has installed a revolving door to more easily handle the traffic in and out of the offices. It also comes at a time when the best company MySpace can find itself in is in the major Internet property rehab wing with Yahoo! and Aol.

So this is not the best situation to be in especially when you had cut a deal in 2006 with Google that should have brought $900 million to MySpace during the period where Google had the advertising exclusive with them. The Wall Street Journal reports

News Corp. is in discussions with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. about replacing MySpace’s crucial search-advertising partnership with Google, which expires next month, according to people familiar with the matter.

In recent weeks, News Corp. has been discussing new, narrower advertising deals with Google and other companies, said the people familiar with the matter.

People close to News Corp. said any new agreement will be for significantly less money. That would be a further financial challenge for MySpace, which has seen ad revenue slip.

Google and Yahoo declined to comment.

Now the rest of the article in the Wall Street Journal sounds like it comes from a company that owns MySpace and needs to find another advertising sucker partner. The article paints a picture of a valiant company that is doing everything to ‘capitalize’ on the apparent opening Facebook has left because of its security gaffes. It says the usual music, comedy and fashion mix will make the 35 and under crowd desire the new and improved MySpace.

Well, if you want to read the advertorial you certainly can but it is very hard to imagine MySpace once again being at the top of the social media pile. What’s your take? Is this something that will fly? Neil Young once sang that it was better to burn out than to fade away. Don’t ya wish that MySpace would take his advice?

  • I think that MySpace needs to clean house and appeal to businesses/adults a bit more like FaceBook does. Everytime I hear or read about myspace I think of an over crowded night club full of under-age drinkers.

    As far as ads on MySpace I would expect to see companies that sell novelty items and knock-off viagra?

  • Jamie Miller

    In my mind, in order to survive, MySpace needs 2 things in a bad way! First, they need that ad partner, although it is going to be a real tough sale right now – even with the privacy hoopla surrounding Facebook. Second (and most important in my mind), they need to find a community niche. The trick is going to be though to define specifically who that niche is FIRST, then solicit an ad partner. Who would sign a deal with company that is trying to be all things to all people? To MySpace….find your community and tell us – loud, so that everyone knows and can respond accordingly.

  • Aren’t they already making much money? Looking to expend the business I guess.

  • Thanks for Amazing News.