The Twelve Most Important Reputations in Social Media Monitoring

Are you monitoring your reputation on the web?

Not just your company name, but all of your reputations?

What, you didn’t know you had multiple reputations to monitor?

Over at Actively Listening (the Trackur blog) you’ll find 12 Critical Keywords Every Company Should Monitor in Social Media including:

6. Your Marketing Message

“So easy even a caveman can do it?” “Just do it!” What if those campaign slogans were accompanied by “sucks” or “I’ll never buy from them again?” Monitoring your marketing campaigns will help you understand if your message is getting across, and what your customers have to say about it.

7. Your Competition

Surely you’d find value in knowing your biggest competitor just got the jump on you. Reports suggest that inside Lenovo, execs knew about the launch of Apple’s Mac Air within minutes–important for Lenovo, as it was planning it’s own ultra-light notebook.

Bing’s Search Share Gains 7% in June…Kinda

My hat is off to Experian Hitwise.

Their email got my attention with this subject line:

Experian Hitwise reports Bing share of searches increases 7 percent for June 2010

7%! What the heck? How did Bing gain that much market share?

Oh you mean, Bing increased its share from 9.23% to 9.85%–a 7% increase!

Sneaky! ;-)

Apple’s iAd Generating $1,400 Revenue a Day?!?

OK, you can take this with as many grains of salt as you wish, but one iPhone developer is claiming to have hit the jackpot with Apple’s new iAd format.

Posting his earnings to Hacker News, the app developer claims to have earned almost $150 in eCPM on the first day!

The question is, will iAd be able to sustain this kind of engagement or is there a novelty value at play here. The developer himself seems to think the latter:

This is from a utility app that was released today. I was quite surprised by the return, though I’m not sure if it will keep up. It seems that people may still be enjoying the novelty of iAds.

Still, almost $1,400 in one day? Not bad, Apple, not bad!

Mobile Status Updates Done By Only 10% of Mobile Phone Users

Attention all members of the social media industry! Attention all members of the social media industry! It’s time to consider how the REST of the world uses social media in its various forms especially from a mobile phone perspective. I say this only because the chatter amongst social media experts, ninjas, gurus and Maharishi’s seems to lean toward the idea that everyone is accessing social media from mobile devices but reality may be very far from that.

The Pew Research Center’s Pew Internet and American Life Project puts out some great data n its report called Mobile Access 2010 and it seems (as best as I can tell at least) to be free of the influence of someone who is doing PR disguised as research (another popular industry practice that needs to end). Here are a few findings. Please note the last bullet point in particular.

YouTube: All Your TVs & Phones Are Belong to Us

Not content with gaining your attention during lunch–or that boring presentation your boss is making–YouTube would like to take over your TV and your mobile phone.

In a double whammy of deliciousness, YouTube has announced both a new mobile site and “Leanback.”

First, the mobile offering.

It appears that Google is tired of the hold-ups and restrictions Apple places on its iPhone apps, so it plans to do away with the need for apps altogether. Using HTML5, the new site promises to offer a better video experience on your iPhone–or any smart phone for that matter.

Why Facebook Ads Suck: It Cares About Your Privacy

I’ve never run a Facebook advertising campaign.


Because, based on the crappy ads that are served to me, each time I log in, I have no faith that my ads will be served to those that are actually interested in what I have to offer. Now I know why:

We have designed Facebook to provide relevant and interesting advertising content to you in a way that protects your privacy completely. We never share your personal information with advertisers. We never sell your personal information to anyone. These protections are yours no matter what privacy settings you use; they apply equally to people who share openly with everyone and to people who share with only select friends.

So, that explains it. Facebook protects your privacy–even if you want the whole world to know who you are.

Twitter Search Grows

Twitter is aspiring to be the next big search engine and Biz Stone is claiming the numbers to prove it. Fast Company is jumping on the bandwagon to push Twitter up the search ladder past the bing / Yahoo! search cluster. Here’s their take.

According to cofounder Biz Stone, who spoke yesterday at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Twitter now reaches some 800 million search queries per day. That’s over 24 billion searches per month, more than Bing (4.1 billion) and Yahoo (9.4 billion) combined.

While Stone’s company is still a long way off from Google, which supports around 88 billion search queries per month, Twitter is quickly catching up. Since last April, Twitter searches are up 33%. To put that in perspective, a study by Nielsen last year concluded that Bing was the fastest-growing search engine in the U.S. after it ballooned over 22%. Now it seems Twitter has taken the title.