Blogger Gets Real-Time Stats, Google Analytics Next?

OK, this is just plain unfair!

I stopped using Blogger back in 2005, because, well, it hadn’t received any decent new features in a couple of years. Since then, Google has done a better job of keeping up with WordPress and today Blogger uses are getting something that really makes me jealous.

Real-time web analytics!

I mean, c’mon Google! Blogger is a free platform and you’re giving them free real-time web stats? What about us Google Analytics users? What did we ever do to deserve being shunned? <sniff>

I suspect that Blogger is getting this first because a) it’s a small set of sites to test it with, and b) Google knows the code of these sites inside and out, so can anticipate the strain on its analytics servers.

Will Google Voice App Give Skype a Wake-up Call?

I use Skype for all my incoming and outgoing business calls. I have ever since 2006.

While I love Skype, what I really love is my Google Voice number. In fact, when you call my office number, you are calling my Google Voice number, which is then routed to my Skype-In number. Why don’t I just dump Skype and exclusively use Google Voice? Well, because there is no desktop app for Google Voice, so no easy way to dial-out using  it.

Until now.

TechCrunch has gotten their hands on a prototype Google Desktop app–still fresh in the Gizmo5 wrapper (the company is acquired in 2009). Here’s a video demo:

A lot more basic than Skype, but I only use the basic features of Skype anyway. I hope Google brings this to the public soon!

Tracking the Impact of an App

We live in an app crazy world. Whether it is something developed for the most popular iPhone or the up and coming Android market, apps are the talk of the marketing town. While there is plenty of talk about apps, there is actually precious little hard evidence of their impact for brands.

Why is that? There are plenty of possible reasons.

1. Companies want to keep that data to themselves
2. The apps are not performing as well as anticipated
3. There are no real KPI’s in place to provide accurate analysis of the app’s bottom line impact
4. All of the above
5. None of the above
6. Some of the above
7. Something other than the above

Motorola & Verizon Capitalize on iPhone’s Flaws

There are many great reasons why you should set up some kind of social media monitoring dashboard. One such reason is to listen to the complaints received by your competitors and adapt your marketing messaging to capitalize on their weaknesses.

Well, score one to Motorola and Verizon. Their latest print ad for the Droid X includes the following statement:

And most importantly, it comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like…

So smart!

Of course, they didn’t exactly need to actively monitor iPhone’s apparent flaws–you can’t go online without practically tripping over customer complaints–but it serves as a reminder that you should keep an eye not just on your reputation, but your competition’s.

French Say Google’s Size Merits Ruling Against Them

While the headline may not entirely tell the story it does tell most of it. In a world that wants everything right now it sure is interesting how some people like to slap the hands of those that provide that kind of service and do it better than anyone else.

The French competition authority is claiming that Google is being discriminatory in how they allow or disallow Adwords customers to use the syatem. The Wall Street Journal reports

France’s competition authority Wednesday said that Google Inc.’s online ad service discriminated against a client, a decision that comes amid the country’s growing concern over Google’s dominance of the lucrative French search market.

In a preliminary ruling, the Authorité de la Concurrence said that Google’s Adwords system, which prompts ads to appear alongside search results, lacked transparency and “resulted in discriminatory treatment.”

College Admissions Adopt Social Media More and More

At first look this kind of an announcement should followed by a sarcastic comment of “Really? I would have never guessed.” It only makes sense that colleges would be using social media since there is little question as to how involved their target market it. What is interesting is how their adoption outpaces that of the business world, especially the larger companies.

The study titled, Social Media and College Admissions: Higher-Ed Beats Business in Adoption of New Tools for Third Year was performed by Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., Eric Mattson CEO, Financial Insite (hat tip to @chuckhester for the alert this AM via Twitter). The following chart may raise some eyebrows if it is indeed accurate.