Social Media Measurement or Social Media Monitoring?

Back in in 2008, my good friend Lee Odden asked:

What’s a better term: “social media monitoring” or “social media measurement”?

As someone that provides social media measurement software, I wanted to get a check on whether our feelings have changed towards the use of social media monitoring versus social media measurement.

To me, it means the same thing. After all, why would you monitor social media, if you don’t plan to actually measure social media in some way? Still, I can tell you that, based on Google Analytics, social media monitoring is by far and away the most commonly searched-for keyword.

That’s backed up by Google’s Insights for Search too! As you can see, social media monitoring is far more searched for than social media measurement. Here’s the chart to prove it!

Report: Smart Mobile Marketers Give Away Free Ice Cream

What are the latest trends in mobile marketing?

Millennial Media just released their SMART (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) report for June and it provides insight on the habits of mobile advertisers.

First, we learn that Retail and Restaurants are making a move to attract more mobile customers–with location based coupons and seasonal campaigns.

Next, we discover that mobile marketers are not just getting cell phone users to click through to a web site. They’re actually getting them to engage when they get there!

35% submitted a form, 26% downloaded an application and 29% where even convinced to use their smart phone to…wait for it…place a call! :-P

Using Google’s Android? That’ll Be $10 a Year, Thanks!

How are you enjoying that free Android software that powers your iPhone-competing smart phone?

I hope you like it enough to reimburse Google $10 a year, because that’s what Google CEO Eric Schmidt is hoping to get out of each Android user:

“If we have a billion people using Android, you think we can’t make money from that?” Schmidt asked rhetorically. All it would take, he said, is $10 per user per year.

Did you just feel a small pain in your wallet?

OK, relax.

Google doesn’t want you to actually hand over ten bucks a year to use Android, but that’s the nominal amount it says it needs to earn from each user, in order to add a nice supplement to its search engine revenue. That could come from any kind of distribution deal or premium apps that you might pay for.

Chart: Each Google Employee Worth $1.4M

Back in 2008, we reported on the atonishing revenue Google was generating per employee: $210,000 per year!

It appears that revenue has turned into a nice little stockpile of cash for the search giant. If you were to divide up all the cash Google has in its coffers, each employee would walk away with $1.4 million!

Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Washington

Frank Capra’s famous movie from 1939 “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is described in IMDb as “A naive man is appointed to fill a vacancy in the US Senate. His plans promptly collide with political corruption, but he doesn’t back down.”

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went to Washington as well. It appears though that he wasn’t site seeing. Politico reports

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes confirmed Zuckerberg’s visit was his first to Washington in an official capacity.

“He looks forward to sharing our company’s unique perspectives” on a variety of issues related to technology and the economy, Noyes said.

Now, whether you think that Zuckerberg is like Capra’s Mr. Smith or not is up to you but I doubt that naïve is a descriptor used for Zuckerberg these days.

Amazon and Facebook Team Up and It’s Kinda Creepy

amazon-facebookAmazon began beta testing a new application this week that claims to be a simple gift suggestion engine for your family and friends. It all begins on the Amazon recommendation page. From there, you give Amazon permission to talk to Facebook and from there you get a page full of people matched with products.

At the top of the page is a list of everyone on your friends list who has a birthday coming up. Good thing I decided to try this because I totally forgot that my sister has a birthday in 4 days. It even tells me “4 days” because simply saying August 1 isn’t urgent sounding enough.

Facebook Rolling Out Questions Feature

People ask a lot of questions. It’s natural and it makes sense. It’s the only way we can acquire information that we don’t currently have. The biggest problem with any question is finding the best source to ask. We have friends and family but they can only go so far in many cases. We have search engines but sometimes you need something else, right?

Enter Facebook Questions which was announced yesterday in the Facebook blog and is being slow rolled out to the Facebook community at large.

Today we’re introducing Facebook Questions, a beta product that lets you pose questions like these to the Facebook community. With this new application, you can get a broader set of answers and learn valuable information from people knowledgeable on a range of topics.