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We all want things to get better for business in general. Even with Internet marketing not suffering the same decimation that most advertising sectors did during our recent and ongoing economic slide, there was significant impact. If nothing else the economy cooled the fast growing industry and made it look more, gulp, real.

There may be reason to celebrate though. A recent study from SearchIgnite tells us that paid search spending has seen nice growth in Q2 when looking at year over year results. Here is a picture of it for you.

We always like to warn our readers that you must consider the source of research in this age of “Research as PR”. I have no reason to challenge the integrity of these findings but with SearchIgnite being a search marketing company it stands to reason that caution should be exercised regarding what is being demonstrated.

Of note, if you look at the quarter over quarter numbers the picture is a bit less rosy but that could be a seasonal phenomenon. One thing that looks pretty obvious though is that Yahoo is truly being faded out of the search marketing picture as the full integration of bing and Yahoo looms. Nothing like uncertainty to drive people away from something.

Since our readers are the types who have actual experience with this kind of activity we ask “What are you seeing in paid search these days?”. Is it making a real comeback that could eventually get back to pre-recession levels or has this economy set new metrics for growth and what is defined as realistic expectations?

  • It seems that social media marketing has stolen the show in the past year, i.e. it has been taking the buzz and chatter away from PPC. That is really ironic given that pay-per-click is where 60% of online marketing budgets are spent according to independent industry analysts. In contrast, while marketers are very well taken to experiment with social media marketing, few are saying today that they are able to generate proven ROI.

    With 60% of the online budgets spent on PPC, it isn’t surprising that we see PPC coming of age at our customers at Unica. Especially, at large, multi national corporations (using Unica’s search bid management product: Unica Search), we have been observing a growing trend for managing PPC budgets globaly across branch offices and agencies. HQ is taking PPC increasingly seriously. As a symptom of that we have been seing increased interest in managing search bids consistently across countries and currencies. On the reporting side, HQ is seeking dashboards that roll up PPC results across all countries into a combined worldwide report.

    I think that is a good sign.