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Report: Smart Mobile Marketers Give Away Free Ice Cream

What are the latest trends in mobile marketing?

Millennial Media just released their SMART (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) report for June and it provides insight on the habits of mobile advertisers.

First, we learn that Retail and Restaurants are making a move to attract more mobile customers–with location based coupons and seasonal campaigns.

Next, we discover that mobile marketers are not just getting cell phone users to click through to a web site. They’re actually getting them to engage when they get there!

35% submitted a form, 26% downloaded an application and 29% where even convinced to use their smart phone to…wait for it…place a call! :-P

The last chart demonstrates that mobile marketers are moving away from broad, generic campaigns. 41% targeted their mobile audience in some way, with more than half doing so by using GEO targeted campaigns.

How does all this combine? Well, let me tell you why I finally caved in and joined Foursquare, shall I? I check-in to one of my favorite restaurants and I’m told their’s a special offer for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream–just 20 yards away. I just need to check-in there and show them my screen.

Restaurant + action + GEO targeting = success….oh, and free ice cream! ;-)