Posted July 23, 2010 10:25 am by with 3 comments

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Remember when Google won the bid to migrate the City of Los Angeles over to Gmail and other Google Apps?

Yeah, it’s not going so well.

In fact, the migration is going sooooo slowly that Google is having to compensate L.A. around $135,000 for the delay. So, what’s the hold-up?

Well, apart from the fact that this is a local government organization–the poster-child of inefficiency–it appears the LAPD is the bottleneck:

…while over 10,000 city employees have now been switched over to Google, she hopes to have up to 6,000 more moved in mid-August. After that, Levin said, the city will focus on “a more detailed schedule” for getting the roughly 13,000 members of the police department switched over.

Apparently the police department is concerned about the security of Google Apps.

That snorting sound you hear is coming from Redmond. Microsoft lost out on this bid to Google, but I’m sure they’re enjoying this latest setback for Google’s enterprise strategy.

  • That picture is so wrong, but so darn cute!

  • well, what did Google expect, the slowest organizations on earth are governments and the police.
    when it comes to technology, they move slowly. i won’t be surprised if some of the people are still working with green screens.

  • Google keeps EVERY nanobit of information, searches, or email you use with their services! I don’t see any business allowing their employees using this service.