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Boy it’s a good thing Yahoo picked up content chop shop Associated Content to make that ‘great’ content to keep visitors around its sites. Apparently there is less time being spent on Yahoo sites than ever. Here is a chart compiled by Citi analyst Mark Mahaney and shared with us from Business Insider SAI.

One question I have is what sites are included in the Google calculation because YouTube could go a long way toward goosing their number of total minutes spent on a Google site.

The chart also shows just how influential Facebook has become in a relatively short period of time. No surprise there but the next question is will it keep growing and surpass Google?

Yahoo on the other hand just can’t seem to get out of bad news’ way. Accusations of bumping up search numbers, Carol Barth’s boatloads of swear words and the threat of producing a veritable mountain of content from the $10 per article crowd have kept the company in a bad light for quite some time now. Add to that the uncertainty of just what the bing integration will mean to the search side of Yahoo and things get real scary real fast.

So what do you think about Yahoo? Where is it going? Where will it end up? Do you care?

  • First i need to say , thanks for sharing this great stuff. Facebook has real great demand in present world, I saw in a article there are 400 million user account in face book. every Facebook user using there account quite often.So Facebook definitely goes up.What happen to Yahoo !, it has lots of contents but is seems to be lot of complected. But google is pretty much simple .

  • Good chart with actual context and meaning, unlike many others.

    Yahoo! lasted so long because Google beat up the little guys trying to advertise for web-eons and because of display. Microsoft and display are not enough to salvage the business and content networks without a passionate niche don’t do typically do well with time on site.

    One of the big issues I keep telling my clients is that Facebook is going to figure out local one day. I mean, really figure it out, and mix local with demographics in a way transparent to advertisers. When that happens, Google will feel the pinch. I already have 4 clients splitting their spend regularly on Facebook and Google. We’re down with testing. They want to talk with the 4,387 people in their target, not the 500,000 in a geo-coded area who search.

  • Do you care?

    I have to say I love that question at the end. I am not sure people do care about Yahoo as much as Yahoo would like to think people do. There is nothing on Yahoo! as an end user I can’t get somewhere else. If Yahoo mail was shut down tomorrow I would just switch to gmail. I think that is the problem for Yahoo.

  • Yahoo has two alternatives to consider. The first is to reevaluate their model and compeititve edge in order to compete with the dominant Facebook and Google sites, and the emerging Twitter. Their second option is to wither away and become a second-rate search engine and social network like AOL (I am always reminded of their shining past) or (a popular search engine back in the day).