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We live in an app crazy world. Whether it is something developed for the most popular iPhone or the up and coming Android market, apps are the talk of the marketing town. While there is plenty of talk about apps, there is actually precious little hard evidence of their impact for brands.

Why is that? There are plenty of possible reasons.

1. Companies want to keep that data to themselves
2. The apps are not performing as well as anticipated
3. There are no real KPI’s in place to provide accurate analysis of the app’s bottom line impact
4. All of the above
5. None of the above
6. Some of the above
7. Something other than the above

Well, here at Marketing Pilgrim we are going to try a little experiment. We have been given permission to track the impact of an app developed by AppCore LLC for Brainy Baby and its video products for the little people (children that is).

Brainy Baby is a 15 year old company out of Atlanta that develops DVD’s, books, games and music for children. As with many smaller businesses they have a website. Their social media efforts are all in the early stages of development. In a nutshell the Brainy Baby approach is defined by their CEO as follows

“All Brainy Baby DVDs were developed using a methodology widely accepted by educators and the special needs community. We use this same methodology in all of our DVDs, which rely on verbal cues and real-life relatable objects to teach children to preschool concepts,” said Dennis Fedoruk, president and CEO of The Brainy Baby Co. “We have always been confident that our DVDs have solid educational value.”

Now the job is to capitalize on the new world order of iPhones and the ability to have apps that can be used to educate and entertain children at the drop of a hat. Ever been in a car with a screaming toddler and you have just run out of options? Well, now there are apps for that!

So you know, there is no financial connection to Marketing Pilgrim or myself regarding Brainy Baby and their business. We have just been given the inside track on being able to watch the impact (be it good or bad) of an app on a brand from the start of the process. The app went into the App Store on June 27, 2010 and is called Brainy Videos. The app is free and has previews of videos that can be purchased for use on your iPhone or iPod Touch. There are other offerings planned for the future as well.

Kreg Sheppard is the Chief Visionary of AppCore and is glad to be part of this live experiment. Let’s call it our version of an app reality show. Kreg told us

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in the early stages (infancy, if you will) of a company’s transition to the mobile platform, especially with such a solid brand as Brainy Baby. We will all be able to bear witness to what can happen when the right brand goes mobile.

We will be updating the progress of this app endeavor periodically to give you an idea of just where this has and has not worked. The goal here is to show just what can happen when an app is developed to generate interest in an already popular but not necessarily mainstream product.

Don’t be afraid to offer your opinions on what should be done to make this a success of not. After all, our readers are marketing experts so let’s hear your take.

We’ll check back after the 4th of July to see just what’s happening in the world of Brainy Baby videos and their venture into the world of apps.

  • I can say from experience, that kid-oriented iPhone Apps are like an in-the-field baby sitter when you have a 3 or 4 year old who is just not happy and letting everyone in ear shot know. As a parent who is already using Apps to entertain AND subdue public tantrums — I see this as a hyper-growth market. Parents, just make sure you have a strong case to protect your phone ;-). I’ll give this App a try this weekend and check back-in with some kid feedback. My 3-yr old loves the “Monkey School Lunchbox” App.

    • Scott-

      Sounds like you are an old pro at this. Keep an eye out for just how this app does for Brainy Baby as we chronicle the effort from start to finish.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • laura

        I looked for an update on this but did not see one; how is this app doing?

        • Thanks for asking Laura – We are getting some information from Brain Baby and AppCore shortly and will update based on that information.

  • I really like this experiment of yours, and I’m looking forward to your updates on the impacts. It’s great that Brainy Baby is allowing this experiment.

  • Hi,

    This looks like exactly the tool i have been searching for! thanks and keep up the good work!