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tweetmessageWith absolutely no fanfare at all, Twitter has thrown the switch on an updated Follower notification email that tells you everything you wanted to know about a person and more.

The old notification email greeted you warmly then announced that NAME HERE is now following your tweets on Twitter. After that was a snapshot of their current followers, tweet and following stats.

The new format does away with the warm greeting and puts the name of the Twitter account in the notification line:

Cynthialil (@Cynthialil) is now following your tweets (@TWITTERACCOUNT) on Twitter.

That’s followed by the person’s avatar, Twitter name, location and bio info before moving on to the stats which now include lists. The stat layout is now a table that resembles the layout in Twitter.

The result of all this is more information delivered to your inbox when someone new decides to follow you on Twitter – but do you care? I would imagine that a large number of users don’t even have the notification box checked in their profile. If you have a busy account, or run a few accounts, it can get annoying, but you should care if you’re running a business.

Your Follower list is open for all to see so you should make the effort to keep it free of spammers and inappropriate material. R-rated avatars have no place on your business Twitter unless that’s the business you’re in.

Do you review your Follower notifications on Twitter? Or is it just a numbers game for you?

  • I’m just excited to see that they recognize it’s not enough to publish name and avatar. As someone who actually cares who his followers are, it’s always been bothersome to have to click through to the profile page to get the bio information. Thanks Twitter!

  • I think the new change is great. It gives you more information without having to really search for it. Good job Twitter.

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  • I like this as well there are too many suspicious people on twitter and I would like to know who is trying to follow me.

  • Cynthia

    Adding that bio line has made all the difference to me as I monitor a number of accounts and that makes it so quick and easy to see if it’s someone I want to follow back or block.