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Video is Becoming a Must Have for Online Retailers

videoIt wasn’t long ago that long load times and stuttering video kept many consumers from watching videos online. But with the advances in video streaming and the rise in low price, high-quality computers, videos have become a regular part of the internet landscape and they’re not just for fun anymore.

Says eMarketer:

“The percentage of the top 50 US online retailers that offer videos on their sites skyrocketed to 68% in 2009 from 18% in 2008.”

“In this sense, video has gone from a luxury to a near necessity for companies seeking an edge in marketing their products.”

By offering a video, retailers can now get a step closer to the experience of shopping in a brick and mortar store. Video allows the consumer to see a new food processor in action or take a closer look at the dashboard of a Toyota that’s just come off the line.

Now that consumers can use everything from their PCs to their smartphones to access video, it only makes sense for retailers to get on board. Dollar for dollar, a clever video that goes viral will do more for a brand than 30 second spot on a popular TV show. Just ask the folks at Old Spice.