Posted July 2, 2010 9:18 am by with 2 comments

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I use Skype for all my incoming and outgoing business calls. I have ever since 2006.

While I love Skype, what I really love is my Google Voice number. In fact, when you call my office number, you are calling my Google Voice number, which is then routed to my Skype-In number. Why don’t I just dump Skype and exclusively use Google Voice? Well, because there is no desktop app for Google Voice, so no easy way to dial-out using  it.

Until now.

TechCrunch has gotten their hands on a prototype Google Desktop app–still fresh in the Gizmo5 wrapper (the company is acquired in 2009). Here’s a video demo:

A lot more basic than Skype, but I only use the basic features of Skype anyway. I hope Google brings this to the public soon!

  • This is great and looks promising!! Any idea on a release or a way to get my hands on a prototype….that would be awesome!!

  • Aliasgar Babat

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