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Not content with gaining your attention during lunch–or that boring presentation your boss is making–YouTube would like to take over your TV and your mobile phone.

In a double whammy of deliciousness, YouTube has announced both a new mobile site and “Leanback.”

First, the mobile offering.

It appears that Google is tired of the hold-ups and restrictions Apple places on its iPhone apps, so it plans to do away with the need for apps altogether. Using HTML5, the new site promises to offer a better video experience on your iPhone–or any smart phone for that matter.

Next, we learn that YouTube is launching Leanback. It’s like mindless TV on steroids. Tune into Leanback and YouTube will look at your settings, preferences, subscriptions, friends etc to compile a video channel personalized just for you! When you first watch Leanback, you clearly see it’s meant to be watched on your TV screen, not your desktop.

* Just in case you thought the post title was poor grammar, here’s your reference. 😉