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facebook-aol_390x2201Claire Atkinson of the New York Post says Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong are thinking about going into business together. While it’s pretty clear what Facebook brings to the table, what could AOL possibly have to offer that would be worth a swap? Once the only game in town when it came to social media on the web, AOL is now an aging brand name that means nothing to users under forty.

Says Atkinson, it’s AOL’s online ad marketing mojo that is of interest to Facebook, and it’s enough for the popular kid on the playground to consider hanging out with the nerd.

“Think of Tim Armstrong’s former role running ad sales for Google and think of where Facebook needs help.”

In addition to the ad sales techniques, AOL also has a large amount of content and since there’s no such thing as too much content, it can only help sweeten the deal. Armstrong also worked with Facebook’s COO Sandberg and head of ad sales David Fischer so he’s already someone they feel comfortable with and that can go along way in business.

The New York Post article sums it all up with a quote by Internet consultant Shelly Palmer.

“Put them together, you get context, contact and content.”

Though neither party would comment on the rumor, Facebook has nothing to lose and AOL has everything to gain by teaming up. I can hear it now, the familiar, deep dulcet tone announcing, “You’ve Got Friend Requests.” Followed by the sharp squelch of a connecting modem.

  • Jansen

    AOL is a dying company that offers nothing of value. I hope nothing happens.

  • AOL is a dying company- I’m curious to hear more about what they are going to bring? Of course, Tim Armstrong must be a very smart man if he is the CEO of AOL, so maybe he will bring some of his marketing genuis tips to Faebook.