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Content for the consumer is good but let’s not forget content for the business world. The B2B world is always a bit of a laggard when it comes to Internet marketing techniques and practices but when it does catch on there is a lot of opportunity., a long time Internet success story, has seen the B2B light, so to speak. It is starting to move into the B2B space, which could be a wide open field if they can put it together in an attractive enough manner.

Webnewser reports is planning a major move into the business-to-business space, launching a number of industry-specific sites.

Right now the site is in the process of recruiting experienced writers with expertise in areas such as public transportation, the food and beverage industry, logging and ecommerce, among other topics. The goal is for the writers of these sites to be experts in their industries.

Once the sites are staffed up, will promote the new B2B sites via a marketing campaign, likely towards the end of 2010.

It sounds interesting for sure. While the consumer side of the magazine business has taken a beating in recent years so has the trade publication industry. As a result, there are many areas of importance to business that no longer get the attention they once did thus creating a bit of a content vacuum. is preparing to fill that void.

There is a page on the site that shows just how many industries are being covered and this is no small undertaking. Of course, the ‘experts’ that are in charge of each vertical are likely to be just as important to the success of each subject area as the size of the potential audience is. As with anything relating to content, it always boils down to quality because even in underserved verticals there are other options for readers to consider if they deem the offering deficient.

One real advantage in all of this is that is a New York Times company. As the Times sees online revenue growing it is likely to throw some weight behind this effort to ensure that quality is paramount so as to keep the Times reputation in tact. Whether this strategy ends up contributing to the bottom line or not is something that only time will reveal.

Will you be looking to for information about your industry? Would be the kind of place that can give the best coverage of the Internet marketing space or is that best left to industry ‘experts’ themselves? What would make this kind of content offering attractive to you?

  • with the huge amount of information that has, this sure seems interesting.

  • Considering how much domain authority has, anyone already in these niches should be ready to knocked down a position or two in the search rankings.

  • As it has a space allotted to Media and Technology, I would like to see what aspects will features.

  • I think that they have begun to realize how profitable this industry really is.

  • You’re spot on with the comment that success will be based on who the experts are and how much clout they truly have in their industry. And whether then have anything insightful to say, frankly. I can’t remember the last time I actually read anything on or heard anyone mention an article they had read there — their relevance and content quality has really declined on the consumer side. But I’m a sucker for the past greats. I hope they pull off a huge comeback.