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The Annoying Orange (AO) is quite simply what the title says, and a whole lot more. Not only is it annoying, it is creepy, void of plot, horrible writing, and, quite frankly, pretty pointless. Therefore, it might surprise you to find out that by very conservative estimates, its creator has taken home close to $300,000 in ad revenue in under a year of the web series existence. It has amassed somewhere around 227,425,302 total YouTube views with around 1,100,095 subscribers.

This annoying piece of talking fruit has become a force to be reckoned with on the Internet. AO’s creator, Dane Boedigheimer, has quickly found himself at the center of a very popular, very odd, and very profitable web series. Which begs to ask the question, how the heck did he know that was going to be popular?

I am willing to guess, he didn’t.

Boedigheimer, took a chance at something different, something odd, and weird. As a result he now finds himself doing better than the vast majority of web entrepreneurs.

Julien Smith tells us to be edgy. He says that most of the labels that define people and things as different are actually positive attributes. Being different is scary because there are real emotional and material incentives to “play it safe”. But, if you never take a chance, if you never produce something odd, or strange, or annoying, then you aren’t exploring all the possibilities available.

Producing a product for the web has so many risk as it is, why not improve your chances by making something completely off the wall?

  • I like it !! There is a lot of people who knows success without doing anything for that.
    I mean, to try to be different would not bring success in my opinion ; spontaneity is the key, come as you are.

  • This is very funny…..amazing

  • I have to admit that I’m one of those subscribers. I came across the whole AO story line by accident thanks to my 2-year old daughters YouTube obsession on the iPad. While the series doesn’t necessarily run together in an overall plot like an annoying soap opera, each story does seem to have a bit of a loose plot. I watch it when I need a laugh. Th humour is dry and twisted at times, but come on, how many time have you wanted to call that guy an “apple”?!

    The best part about this article is I never saw the ad revenue component to it and wondered how this kep going. Thanks for pointing that out. Now perhaps I can start something like Sketchy Fish series…na, I’ll stick to other web development and design strategies. Great read though, I look forward each Saturday to my Cup of Joe.

  • I have heard people say that originality is the key to success, I never really understood how that worked. This is the ultimate example of origionality, and it works. Thanks for the info

  • This annoying orange is really annoying, but it’s funny though.

  • This creature is very funny. The creator himself is so cool.

  • I love watching this annoying orange on YouTube.