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What a difference four years make in the Net Neutrality war.

June 7th 2006

Google believes that forcing people and companies to get permission from, and pay special fees to, the phone and cable companies to connect with one another online is fundamentally counter to the freedom and innovation that have defined the Internet.

August 4, 2010

Google and Verizon, two leading players in Internet service and content, are nearing an agreement that could allow Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly if the content’s creators are willing to pay for the privilege.

Oh Google, say it ain’t so!

Please tell us that this is just speculation. That you’ve not thrown away the principles that have been you foundation for the past 4 years. Announce that you have no intention of selling-out to save your own neck!

Someone needs to denounce this as a vicious rumor; and quickly before we start believing that you never did care about us netizens and that you’re no better than any other monolithic company that wants to rule the web.


Update: Google hears our plea and denounces the NYT article as a vicious rumor!

  • Joe Hall

    Something smells fishy with that….I mean with the exception of the AP Google doesn’t host content, just provides a gateway to it… is Verison paying for speedier SERPs? Because honestly If I could pay Google or version to make my hosting provider faster, I would have started years ago!

    • AndrewJ


      Google hosts plenty of content. YouTube. Google Docs. Picasa. Wave. 😉

      Even Gmail, which offers several gigabytes of storage and the ability to send/receive relatively large attachments, can be viewed as a hosting service.

      They have cause to worry about download speeds – especially with YouTube.

  • Michael Martinez

    But this is the way it SHOULD be. Net Neutrality has always been a lie. Consumers should NOT be underwriting the huge bandwidth costs of application developers unless the consumers get the benefit of the applications.

    Google and the other bandwidth hogs need to pay their way and charge off the expenses ONLY to their paying customers — not to someone else’s customers.

    Net Neutrality has always been nothing more than highway robbery.

    • mike

      who dos this guy work for . Net Neutrality is the way it will be and work

  • Joe Hall
  • Meztira

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  • Katherine

    Google pretended to champion net neutrality as late as January of this year:

    “Adding a nondiscrimination principle that bans prioritizing Internet traffic based on the ownership (the who), the source (the what) of the content or application;”

    And I’m not buying their denial either.

    The WSJ substantiates the Times story.

  • Keila

    Stop Google & Verizon from destroying teh internets! Join the Facebook Group to support Net Neutrality!