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Will there eventually be the social media version of drunk driving called a DWT (driving while tweeting)? Based on the bizarre story that has come out of Hollyweird, it may not be a bad idea.

I realize that People magazine is not a usual source for Marketing Pilgrim stories but this was just too bizarre (while very sad as well). According to the celebrity mag

Dr. Frank Ryan, plastic surgeon to Heidi Montag and other celebrities, was sending a Twitter message about his border collie just before his fatal car accident, his ex-girlfriend tells PEOPLE.

“He lived up in Malibu on a tiny street and he was texting while driving and he accidentally went over the cliff,” Charmaine Blake says.

Blake, a celebrity publicist, says Ryan’s family was told by investigators that the Tweeting caused the wreck on Monday.

OK Pilgrim readers, repeat after me. Don’t tweet and drive! Nothing is that important! This public service announcement has been brought to you by the folks at Marketing Pilgrim who can’t quite believe that this actually happened.

By the way, I am not making fun of this man’s death. It actually needs to serve as a warning. What is rather ironic though, is that the dog was in the car at the time of the accident and survived.

The dog, whose name is Jill – Blake’s middle name – was in the car at the time of the crash and survived injuries to the head, eye and paw.

Go figure.

  • This is a lesson. Drive first before texting and tweeting, it saves life.

  • He has to qualify as the number 1 example of idiocy….this won’t be the last unfortunately. There are plenty of ‘Twits’ driving right now….maybe we should have a top 10…won’t take long to fill.

  • I’ve never understood this or texting while you’re busy. Even a conversation hands free is pretty distracting. I went to high school in the mid 80’s and looking back, it was better not being connected to a phone or the Internet every waking second. Maybe we need a national “Turn off your cell phone” day so people can get a little perspective.