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Facebook is an American success story. Started by a Harvard dropout (isn’t that how all big tech / Internet stories begin?), fraught with intrigue (which in the US means lawsuits and payoffs to hush potential rabble rousers) and something that goes beyond the walls of the US (sorry, but that was not an immigration reference unless you want it to be).

According to Royal Pingdom’s ‘research’ Facebook is truly a global company with the US leading the way, for now.

There are those who wonder whether the US has seen as much growth as it can for Facebook which may or may not be a real concern. Certainly the growth will slow (unless there is some deal where the government requires Facebook accounts so we can all be on the same playing field 😉 ) in the US because it grew up here.

The rest of the world, and the advertising opportunities that it represents, certainly point to plenty of room for expansion for Facebook.

Facebook’s international expansion is well under way, and it’s arguably the largest and most wide-spread social network that ever existed. As Facebook grows on a global level, the current US dominance of the social network will gradually diminish and become more similar to the general distribution of Internet users.

Mark Zuckerberg has stated that it’s almost a guarantee that Facebook will one day hit 1 billion users, and at the current rate, it’s certainly looking possible. Considering there are close to 2 billion Internet users in the world, there’s still plenty of room to grow.

So here’s to Facebook’s world domination. May your status updates reach the four corners!

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  • Facebook is really viral. Millions of people from different countries around the world are hooked to this social networking site.